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Founded by the Dutch in 1624 and with a population of 8.4 million people, New York City is old enough and big enough to have an abundance of haunted buildings and stories of ghostly spirits.  A Nightmare In Greenwich Village is a tour through the historical streets of Greenwich Village, hearing chilling tales of its haunted past.

Each guest will be given their own EMF meter.  EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields.  The EMF meter will detect electromagnetic fields which indicate paranormal activity.  This is an immersive and interactive experience.  You will actively participate in the ghost hunting and detect otherworldly energies.  You’ll experience the thrill of the paranormal.

The tour will take you to Greenwich Village’s iconic park, Washington Square Park.  Many people believe Washington Square Park is the most haunted area in the United States.

Washington Square is a top tourist attraction.  Most people don’t realize that it was the burial ground for more than 20,000 victims of the Yellow Fever epidemic.  Washington Square is a lively place during the day,  At night, it’s different.

Many people have reported experiencing cold spots at night.  People see shadows appear and disappear there.  You’ll be armed with your EMF meter and you can try to find the spectral energies in the park.  Bring your camera and who knows what you might capture.

You’ll see the infamous House of Death.  Ghost skeptic Mark Twain lived there for a year.  Your guide can tell you about his experience with floating wood.  

Poet and actress Jan Bryant Bartell moved into the House of Death and experienced paranormal activity almost immediately.  After she moved out, she wrote a book about her experiences in the House of Death.  She died unexpectedly just before the book was published.  You can explore the energies of the House of Death while keeping an eye out for unexplained phenomena.

You’ll see St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery, New York City’s oldest continuous religious site.  Your guide will tell you about its hauntings.

You will also see the site of Edgar Allan Poe’s house in Greenwich Village where NYU students have seen him going up and down the stairs.


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