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If you feel a chill creeping up the back of your neck, it might not be the cool breeze coming off the water. And if you feel like somebody is watching you, you might just be right.

Join a Baltimore Ghosts Tour and walk through the haunted waterfront at Fells Point, hearing tales of tragedies and unsolved deaths. Keep in mind that these streets inspired the master of the macabre Edgar Allan Poe’s most twisted tales. His favorite bar, The Horse You Came In On, has his portrait overlooking the bar. Legend has it that Poe had his last drink there. The Saloon staff believe he’s still there. Unattended beer mugs have been known to spontaneously shatter and cash register drawers pop open. A certain chandelier often swings on its own.

Your guide will tell you tales of the dark side of Fells Point and point out places where paranormal activities have been reported. You’ll find out just how haunted this area really is.

Bertha’s Mussels

Bertha’s Mussels is well known in Baltimore for its food and drink. There has been story after story of a little girl seen skipping around only to disappear into the air. And now there’s a picture of a vague image of a little girl with her hand stretched out a third floor window. The third floor has been sealed off so there was no way anyone was up there when the picture was taken.

Anchor Bar

Anchor Bar has a fascinating history dating back to the 1700s. It was a sailors’ boarding house in 1900. Haunting rumors have extended over a couple of hundred years. Hear the spooky tales surrounding this location.

Waterfront Hotel

The Waterfront Hotel dates back to 1771 and now is a restaurant. Many people have reported hearing ghostly voices. Footsteps have been heard coming from the upstairs floors that are empty.

Cat’s Eye Pub

Cat’s Eye Pub was a brothel in the 1700s, part of Fells Point’s “Red Light District.” When the building was renovated in the 1970s, dry wall was put over all the light switches that once were used for the red lights. From then until now, customers and staff frequently hear the sound of the switches being turned on and off behind the walls.


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