Enjoy mini golf, ice cream parlor, go-karting & more at Castle Creek Adventure Land in Salem, MA with discounted admission price

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Castle Creek Adventure Land In Salem, Massachusetts

For the past 20 years, Castle Creek Adventure Land has delighted children and adults.  In Salem, Massachusetts, Castle Creek is the place to go for family fun!

“Best Mini Golf Course On The North Shore”

“Greater Lynn Favorite”

The award winning 18 hole mini-golf course offers fun and excitement for the young and the young at heart.  This beautifully landscaped miniature golf course features lovely fountains, cascading waterfalls, a castle, a cave and bridges.  Show off your skills on these challenging holes.  This course is well lit so the fun continues at night.

Castle Creek features environmentally-friendly electric go-karts.  Their karts are quieter, safer, faster and more fun!  The track is lit at night so the fun goes on long after the sun sets.

Golfers can improve their game on the Golf Driving Range.  The Range features a new field with newly redone targets.  Covered tees are available.  You’ll find 40 stalls with new mats and balls.  Enhance your swing by day and night at this fully lit Range.

Ice Cream Parlor

Castle Creek Adventure Land is renowned for its exceptional Ice Cream Parlor.  They offer over 50 flavors including

* Cake Batter

* Death By Cholcolate

* Coffee Almond Fudge

* Maine Black Bear

* Coffee Kahlua Brownie

* Strawberry Cheesecake

* Black Raspberry

* Bubble Gum

* Banana

* M&M

* Vanilla

* Mocha Chip

* Orange Pineapple

* Pistachio

* Mississippi Mud

* Chocolate

* Reese’s Cup

* Butter Crunch

* Strawberry

* Totally Turtle

* Moose Tracks

* Toll House Cookie

* Chocolate Chip

* Snickers

* Heath Bar Crunch

* Cherry Vanilla

* Almond Joy

* Coffee

* Mint Chocolate Chip

* Oreo Cookie

* Cookie Dough

* Maple Walnut

* Milky Way

* Black Raspberry

* Chocolate Peanut Butter

* Rocky Road

* Green Monster

* Peppermint Stick

* Chocolate Walnut Fudge

Try a different flavor each time you visit and see if you can try all the flavors before the summer ends.

The Ice Cream Parlor also offers Chocolate, Vanilla and Twist Soft Serve Ice Cream.  You can order Orange, Lime, Raspberry and Watermelon Sherbert.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt flavors include

* Chocolate Almond

* French Vanilla

* Purple Cow

* Chocolate

* Coffee Heath

* Mint Patty

* Black Raspberry

* Oreo Cookie

* Chocolate

* Cookie Dough


Toppings include

* Whipped Cream

* Nuts

* Strawberries

* Snickers

* Pineapple

* Nerds

* Caramel Truffle

* Hot Fudge

* Oreo

* Butterfingers

* M&Ms

* Kit Kat

* Heath Bar

* Gummy Bears

* Reese’s

* Jimmies – Chocolate & Rainbow


Sundaes come with Whipped Cream and Nuts.  You can order Hot Fudge, Caramel, Cold Chocolate Syrup, Strawberry Fruit and Pineapple Fruit.  They also offer Brownie Sundae, Toll House Cookie Sundae and Banana Splits.


Shakes come in

* Frappe

* Milkshake

* Blizzard

* Thick Frappe

* Old Fashioned Malt

* Frappe Float

* Freeze

* Soda Float

* Ice Cream Soda

You can also get Lemon-Lime and Raspberry-Lime Rickeys.  The Ice Cream Parlor has hand packed Pints and Quarts for purchase.


Please don’t go home hungry.  Castle Creek can also serve lunch and supper.  Try their Pizza, Chicken Fingers, Hot Dogs, French Fries, Mozzarella Sticks and Fried Dough.  Enjoy Coca-Cola, Sprite, Diet Coca-Cola, Root Beer, Orange and Spring Water.

So for a fun day or evening where you’re treated like royalty, go to Castle Creek Adventure Land in Salem!


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