Discount price for Manhattan ghost tour, visit West Village, East Village, Greenwich, or Five Points

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Haunted Manhattan Tour

Haunted Manhattan was named one of the “Top Ten Tour in Manhattan.”  They’ve been featured on CBS, CNET, and Chasing News.

Take a walking tour of Manhattan and hear stories of spirits, murder, tragedy, mayhem, villainy, and horror.  This outdoor tour will take you to haunts hidden deep in Manhattan’s most popular neighborhoods.  Your guide will provide the backstories to popular landmarks and lead you through New York City’s dark history.

You can choose between 4 different 90-minute interactive Haunted Walking Tours.

East Village Tour

On this tour, you’ll see where Harry Houdini left his handcuff and possibly more.  You’ll find a theater haunted by its founder and ghost trains on the subway.  See a hidden cemetery where ghost have wandered into the hotel next door.  This tour is led by Frankie, the bartender who will pour you a double shot of true East Village ghost stories.

West Village Tour

Known as Little Bohemia, it has been the place for artists and writers.  Hear about a dead speakeasy owner who’s not ready to let go of her business, a chilling encounter with Edgar Allan Poe and a poltergeist who likes to play with fire.  Many memorable artists have lived in the West Village and some have never left.  See the White Horse Tavern and the Cherry Lane Theater.  The Poet will be your guide in Little Bohemia.

Greenwich Village Tour

See Washington Square, a top tourist attraction, that is the burial ground for more than 20,000 victims of the Yellow Fever epidemic.  It’s not surprising that people see shadows appear and disappear here.  Your guide, the Professor, has lived in Greenwich Village for ages and knows all the greatest haunts.  Hear about Edgar Allan Poe and Aaron Burr.

Five Points Tour (Downtown Manhattan)

Hear about ghosts and hauntings spawned from the violent history of this notorious part of NYC.  Gangsters, political bosses, street toughs, and the headless body of a great actor – you’ll learn about it all,  Your guide will be W.M. Blackwood, a publisher of true crime and macabre fiction stories.  Learn why the Brooklyn Bridge was called the “bridge of death” and what’s buried in City Hall Park and why.


There are 13 goosebump-inducing stops on each tour.  You’ll feel the chill creeping up the back of your neck.  Is it the wind or something else…..

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