Escape Zone Long Island New York Discount Ticket

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Escape rooms have become quite popular as of late, and for good reason.  They are a lot of fun for those of who want to solve clues and solve a puzzle.  Trying to figure it out in time can be quite thrilling.  And the plotlines to the escape rooms can almost make you feel like you are starring in your own lice action movie.  Additionally, working together with a group can be a great team-building and bonding experience.  It can be a wonderful activity for you to do with your friends or family or even co-workers or teammates.

If you are looking for a great escape room experience in Long Island, then it’s time to check out Escape Zone Long Island.  It is, after all, the #1 rated escape room experience in all of Long Island.  So if you are looking to try an escape room, this is the one you should visit!


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This coupon is available for the Trouble in Paradise Escape Room Experience.

Trouble in Paradise

You and your group are living on a tropical island.  You guys decide to go on a treasure expedition so you can explore nearby caves.

But then you receive a warning.  A major storm is approaching the island you must evacuate.

But when you return to the island, there is a note that reads that you’ve missed the evacuation.  When you get to the shelter, you find that it is locked.  So now you and your friends must unlock the shelter before the storm gets there!