Coupon, promo code for Lake Compounce Fall Fest in Bristol, CT

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Some people say the most wonderful time of the year is in winter, and that season sure is great.  But does fall get enough credit?

Autumn is a great time when the leaves are beautiful.  And a lot of great holidays and events take place in the fall.  One of those is the Phantom Fall Fest at Lake Compounce!

Yes, Lake Compounce amusement park in Bristol, Connecticut really comes alive during autumn.  It’s a wonderful place for guests of all ages during the day.  Then, you can enjoy themed games, Halloween activities, and delicious fall treats.

Oh, and they even have trick-or-treating!  So if you haven’t gotten a Halloween costume yet for your child, check out these Halloween costumes.

And if you think it would be awful to come to Lake Compounce and not get to do a ride, don’t worry.  Multiple rides will be open during the event:

  • American Flyers
  • Pirate Ship
  • Sky Coaster
  • Carousel
  • Drop Zone
  • Compounce Railway
  • Drum Circus
  • Flying Elephants
  • Little Daredevils
  • Boulder Dash
  • Down Time
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Thunder N’ Lightning
  • Ghost Hunt
  • Kiddie Carousel
  • Kiddie Swinger
  • Rainbow Riders
  • Phobia
  • Rev-O-Lution
  • Wave Swinger
  • Bumper Cars
  • Kiddie Bumper Cars
  • Zoomers Gas N Go

And all of this is great if you are looking for a fun, kid-friendly Halloween event.  But if you love the scarier aspects of Halloween, don’t worry.  Because the spooks will definitely come out at night at Lake Compounce!

Haunted Houses

There are multiple haunted houses you can explore at night at Fall Fest.

mALICE in Wonderland

You’ve gone down the rabbit hole, but there are no singing Disney characters there to greet you in this Wonderland.  No, here you’ll have to escape the Red Queen before it is off with your head!

Spirits of the Swamp

The story behind this haunted house is that a roadside attraction has piqued your interest so you’ve visited a bayou ghost town.  But now your car has broken down and it’s gotten dark.  Now you have to find a way out before the tortured spirits of the swamp pull you under!

The Root of All Evil

Dr. Belladonna Thornwoode has gone crazy and her once-famous garden and grand manor are now in ruins.  Not only that but there are terrifying sounds there.  And a new creation of hers is lurking around every corner.  Do you dare enter?


It’s judgment day, but unfortunately, you have to endure an interesting interpretation of the word “justice” from the demonic Inquisitor.  This judgment is really more like a twisted maze of medieval chambers and endless punishment – can you escape this horrible fate?

Scare Zones

In addition to haunted houses, there are scare zones set up throughout the theme park.  You’ll have to brave creatures from these scare zones as you walk through – will you make it?

Witches Revenge

The witches have returned to Connecticut three hundred years after their persecution here.  Now they are out for revenge!

Monster Hunters

You’ll be surrounded here by mythical monsters with no discernible escape route in sight.

Sinister Circus

Meet the clowns who make up a carnival of the macabre.  With their tormented grins and spine-chilling vibes, these are definitely not a Ronald McDonald kind of clown.


You’ll visit a Main Street that was once thriving but is now just home to a horrible zombie plague.  You’ll have to escape the dead at every corner.

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