Discounted Distillery Tour with Tasting at McLaughlin Distillery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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McLaughlin Distillery is known for its Scratch-made, craft spirits from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It is located in Sewickley, PA, and is famous in Western Pennsylvania – and beyond!  They are dedicated to shopping small, supporting local businesses, and engaging with the community.  They are very experienced, with a wealth of knowledge from their family’s tradition of distilling.  And they take pride in each and every product.

Some of the McLaughlin Distillery products include:

  • Sewickly Vodka
  • Maple Whiskey
  • 3799 Bourbon
  • Devils Juice
  • Baby Barrel Bourbon
  • Grandmas Rocking Chair Whiskey
  • White Whiskey
  • Toasted Applewood Whiskey
  • Moonshine
  • Dill Pickle Moonshine
  • Sweet Pickle Moonshine
  • Jalapeño Moonshine
  • Cranberry Moonshine
  • Apple Pie Moonshine
  • Hokie Pokie Moonshine
  • Orange Moonshine
  • Margarita Moonshine
  • Peach Moonshine
  • Coffee Moonshine
  • Pink Lemonade Moonshine
  • Ruby Red Moonshine

McLaughlin Distillery Tour

Ever wonder how a distillery works?  Well, you can come and see it for yourself on a McLaughlin Distillery Tour!

They’ll walk you through the entire process.  You’ll see everything from how they make their mash, to how they build their barrels.

But the best part of the tour has to be the tasting!  You get a tasting of up to an ounce and a half from their over thirty products!  The only problem there?  Choosing from all the brands!


So I know you want to take the McLaughlin Distillery Tour.  The question is, is there a coupon that can help you save money on the tour?  And the answer to that is yes!

Click here and you can save 50% on a distillery tour!

Included in the cost of your tour is:

  • Craft cocktail for each person
  • Tasting of all the products up to an ounce and a half
  • Drink during the tour

Additional Information

For obvious reasons, you must be at least 21 years old to take this tour.

Groups are limited to a maximum of six people.