2021 Memorial Day Weekend Yacht Party Philadelphia Discount Price

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I don’t know about you, but after 2020, I am ready to have fun on Memorial Day Weekend 2021.  And you can have fun in a safe, responsible way in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  And that is by taking attending a 2021 Memorial Day Weekend Yacht Party!

This yacht party takes place on the Deleware River.  You’ll board a 3-level yacht, the Ben Franklin Yacht.  When your yacht takes off, you’ll be treated to amazing, panoramic views of the Philadelphia Skyline.  You’ll get to see a beautiful sunset on the harbor.

And the entertainment on the Ben Franklin is great, too.  You’ll eat a buffet-style meal while you watch the sunset.  There will be a live DJ and guest host on the yacht.  Great music will be playing, like Hip Hop, Top 40, R & B, Latin, Soca, AfroBeats, Reggae, etc.  You can enjoy dancing and having fun.  There are alcoholic drinks available for purchase, too.  It’s a fun, casual atmosphere, where you can wear casual clothing rather than getting all dressed up.  This is a great way to celebrate Memorial Day and have fun on Philadelphia’s scenic & historic waterfront

But as I said, this will be done in a safe and responsible way.  There will be a temperature check when you arrive.  And facemasks are required.  So you can feel good knowing you are being responsible while having a lot of fun this Memorial Day in Philly.


Admission to this great Philly Memorial Day Weekend Yacht Party is normally $85.  But we found a great coupon for you.  Click here and you can save $30.  Tickets purchased here are only $55!  Act now before this Memorial Day party is sold out!  It’s been my experience that parties like this sell out pretty quickly so I would not delay on buying my ticket.  I would hate to see you miss out on this much fun Memorial Day 2021!

Adult Party

By the way, this is a party for adults.  You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this party.  If you are looking for a more children-centric Memorial Day celebration in the Philly area, we suggest you check out Sesame Place’s Memorial Day event.