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Demon House In Monongahela, Pennsylvania

Many towns have “that house.”  The deserted house, boarded up, with crazy rumors swirling around it.  It’s said to be the site of a mass murder, there are vampires in the basement, Satanic rituals are practiced there and so forth. Kids dare each other to run up and knock on the door.

Monongahela has “that house.”  Locals call it the Demon House.  It began being called the McCue Mansion.  During its construction in 1872, 70 unmarked graves were unearthed.  Local rumor had it that the construction of the mansion unleashed the evil from the land.

The mistress of the McCue Mansion, Carla, was said to be a healer.  Many locals called her an evil witch.  In 1894, it was reported that the mansion was deserted.  A posse of 6 men led by a deputy sheriff went to investigate.  The 7 men entered the McCue mansion.  The front door slammed shut.  None of the 7 ever came out and none of the men were ever seen again. 

Evil has found a new home.

Demon House Experience

You’ll feel the frightening atmosphere as soon as you step foot on this evil property.  Hear soul screaming music and experience the disturbing and creepy ambiance.

Tour the house at your own peril.  Demon House will blur the line between what is real and your most horrible nightmares.  Encounter frightening sights and monsters serious about scaring out of your skin.  You’ll have a hair raising descent into horror.  Go through shocking twists and horrifying turns filling your heart with sheer terror.  So enter if you dare. You’ll be sleeping with the light on after Demon House.

And if you escape the house, there is an outdoor movie theater showing horror movies.  There’s a concession stand with food and drinks for purchase.  There are fire pits to keep you warm while you wait to see if your friends will escape the Demon House.

Demon House Location

Monongahela is less than 25 miles from Pittsburgh, Baldwin, Munhall, Washington, Bethel Park, West Mifflin, Mount Lebanon, Swissvale, Wilkinsburg, Brentwood, Jeanette, Plum and Greensburg.


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