Capitol Pancake House near Colonial Williamsburg has great delicious specialty pancakse, like these pumpkin pancakes

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My family loves visiting Williamsburg, Virginia.  We love visiting both Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens, which are generally the main reasons for our visits.

But we also love the pancake houses in Williamsburg! And when we were in town for Christmas Town at Busch Gardens, we decided to try an all-new pancake house.  That pancake house is Capitol Pancake House.

So, today I decided to review the restaurant.

We got there on a Sunday morning.  It was very close to our hotel, the Rodeway Inn.  We were able to go there on the way out of Williamsburg before we drove home that day.  We chose our hotel because it is really close to Colonial Williamsburg, so this restaurant is very close to Colonial Williamsburg, too.

We had about a ten to twenty-minute wait, so it wasn’t too long.  The lobby isn’t particularly big, but there are benches outside.  It was around 9:30 AM when we got there.  Around 10:00 AM, the wait seemed to become significantly longer.  So you might want to keep that in mind if you go.

I really loved the decor of the restaurant.  They had a lot of great pictures up and the whole restaurant had a very positive atmosphere.

You can see the great environment with pictures with character at Capital Pancake House in Williamsburg, VA

Capitol Pancake House in Williamsburg, Virginia has great decorations and pictures up that make the experience better

Menu & Selections

I was very impressed with the menu choices at the restaurant.  They had an incredibly large selection.  It was that very nice problem to have when you can’t decide between multiple selections.  There were also a lot of unique takes on omelettes and pancakes, which I really liked.  Sometimes when you have a long vacation, you can start to feel like you’re eating the same food over and over again.  But you don’t have to worry about that if you’re visiting Capitol Pancake House.

Up in the lobby, they listed their specials.  I noticed a special pumpkin pancake and I love pumpkins, so I ordered that.  So make sure you check out the specialty options.

They had a wonderful selection of butters and jams on the table, which I really liked.  There was butter, apple butter, marmalade, mixed fruit jam, jelly, etc.  Virtually anything you needed to make your pancakes or waffles extra special was already on the table, which I really appreciated.

The Wait

So we really had just one negative of our experience here.  And that was the wait for our food.

They took our order early on, but then we waited for a long time.  My guess is that they were very understaffed.  Even though a long line was forming in the lobby, there were tables available.

But here is the silver lining in our wait.  They appeared to be preparing the food in the order of tables and they prepared all of our food at the same time.  So when the food finally did come to our table, all of the food was warm.  I’ve been to restaurants before where it was obvious that one entree was what took up the time.  So after a long wait for our food, we would get our food and one meal would be warm and all the other meals would be cold.  So thankfully, there was none of that there.

But was the food good?  Well, that I am going to get to!

Food Review

Well, the food was absolutely delicious!

Let me tell you about some of the great food.

My mom had a Grecian Omelette.

Why my family loves the Grecian Omelette at Capitol Pancake House in Williamsburg

She said it was the best breakfast she has ever had in Williamsburg.  Which is saying something, because there are some great pancake houses there!

There was plenty of Feta Cheese in the Grecian Omelette, which was my mom’s favorite part.

The only negatives of the Omelette were a little too much spinach and too little tomatoes.  The tomatoes were cut up really small and sometimes you didn’t even taste it in a bite.  So then the spinach would overpower the tomatoes.  But luckily, the Feta Cheese was so good it made the whole meal better.

The breakfast potatoes that came with the meal were also delicious.  And so was the biscuit.  It was warm and soft and the melted butter was delicious.

My dad got the Ham and Cheese Omelette.

The omelettes are delicious at Capital Pancake House a great breakfast option in Williamsburg, VA

He said it was delicious and everything you would want in a ham and cheese omelette.

And then of course, as I said before, I had the pumpkin pancakes.

Capitol Pancake House near Colonial Williamsburg has great delicious specialty pancakse, like these pumpkin pancakes

They were delicious.  The pumpkin taste was really good.  Though I will say once the whipped cream melted, they were not as good, but still really good.

It was a bit like that with the chocolate chip pancakes, too.

The chocolate chip pancakes at Capitol Pancake are really good though a little light on the chocolate part

They were very delicious.  The chocolate chip taste, though, was not overwhelming.  Which was not a huge problem.  The pancakes were still delicious.  But if you are a huge chocolate fan and you order them for the chocolate taste, you would be disappointed.

Overall Impression

Despite the wait for our food, we absolutely loved eating here.  We would definitely eat here again.  And we think your family would love eating here, too!

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