Discount ticket to haunted Halloween attraction in Miami, Florida area

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Nightmare At The Curtiss Mansion

Sleep paralysis is a state during falling to sleep or waking up during which a person is aware of their surroundings but they’re unable to move or speak.  The sleeper is awake or nearly awake and is aware they cannot move.  During an episode of sleep paralysis, one may hear or see things that are not there which can result in sheer terror.  Many people report sensing a threatening presence in the room or seeing a dark figure or feeling someone crawling on top of them.

Experience sleep paralysis in A Nightmare at The Curtiss Mansion in Miami Springs, Florida.  Journey through the terror that even frightened the Miami Heat.

This Sleep Paralysis themed haunted house is filled with killer clowns, demons, cannibals, and witches and that’s just for starters!

The Sleep Gods dare you to come experience the things you’ve only seen in your nightmares.  You’ll be so terrified you’ll be pinching yourself to try to wake up.

Curtiss Mansion is 15,000 square feet of pure unadulterated terror with monsters lurking around every turn.  Can you scream when your heart’s in your throat?  Come find out.

Just know before you enter that there is no guarantee that some of these spirits won’t follow you home.  Will you sleep with the light on tonight?

A Nightmare at The Curtiss Mansion is committed to ensuring that you will have a safe and fun experience.  Face masks will be required at all times.  There will be no contact between staff and guests at any time.  Social distancing will be enforced.


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