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The inaugural Asheville Beer City Comic Con (BCCC) will be coming to Harrah’s Cherokee Center from September 29 to October 1, 2023. This will be a convention unlike any other.

BCCC producer Johnny Shields wants the Comic Con to illustrate the possibilities of what a passion for comics, sci fi and fantasy can do. He hopes it will encourage people of all ages to pursue their inner needs.

Comic conventions usually include comic book industry experts, animators, media, cosplay, celebrities and more. Conventions are places where real life and fantasy are encouraged to exist simultaneously.

At BCCC, they will do all that Comic Cons do and will expand it. BCCC will have educational panels to discuss philosophical and psychological matters related to comic book scenes and the impact superheroes’ superpowers can have on a community.

Special Guests

Special guests include writers, artists, fan favorites, creators, actors and celebrities and they will be at BCCC. They will include

  • Frank Cho – Writer and artist for Marvel and DC comics
  • Rich Diviney – Former Navy SEAL officer and speaker and consultant on leadership
  • Claire Blackwelder – Actress in Power Ranger Dino Charge
  • Gregory Dickens – Comic book creator and award-winning artist
  • Megan Hollingshead – Voice actress, Nurse in Pokemon anime series
  • Dr. Sheneen Daniels – Child psychologist
  • Todd Langer – Screenwriter on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Secret of The Ooze
  • Raymond Gay – Comic artist for DC Comics’ Punchline and IDW’s TMNT
  • Andrew Aydin – Award-winning writer and co-author of MARCH and RUN
  • Kyle Higgins – Best selling author best known for his work on DC Comics
  • Stephanie Williams – A comic book historian, pop culture critic, and a comic creator with 3 ongoing webcomics
  • R. Graham Reynolds – An Associate Professor of Biology and volunteers with global wildlife conservation organizations
  • Brennan Mejia – Fitness expert and actor, Red Power Ranger in Power Ranger Dino Charge
  • Dmitrious Bistrevsky – A circus performer and actor, Darth Vader in Star Wars’ Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quarter Trawler in The Mandalorian

and many more.


The artists lineup is impressive and includes

  • Musetap Studios
  • Paintdust
  • Michelle Lodge Comics
  • Ron Ruelle
  • Psyeudounnormal
  • Xancon Entertainment
  • Sketchbrooks
  • Crystal Creation Shop
  • Co Ma Ki Designs
  • Hot Honey Art
  • Enderbones
  • Modern Goldfish
  • Lute Smarto

and more in Artists Alley.


Vendors will have costumes, comics, toys, games and so much more. Enjoy this one of a kind shopping experience. Vendors include

  • Dragonsgate
  • Fandom Laser
  • Geek Mountain
  • Madam Clutterbasket
  • Fantastical Menagerie
  • Posh Geekery
  • Little Shop Of Horror
  • Sea of Bricks
  • Triangle Cards & T-Shirts
  • Wickedly Twisted Fun
  • Tokyo Toybox

and more.

There will also be pop up dance and costume events with DJs. If you need help with costumes, check out the costumes here.

Enjoy specialty batch beers made only for BCCC from Western North Carolina’s best craft breweries.


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