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Step back in time and get goosebumps as you listen to terrifying retellings of real life horrors that have rocked this Southern town.  And that continue to rock it.

Slavery, war, discrimination and murder are the atrocities that took place in and around Charlottesville.  Unspeakable tragedies of yesterday have given birth to the paranormal activity of today.

You’ll meet your professional guide at the Paramount Theater, which is right in the middle of the famous – and haunted – pedestrian mall.  Your guide will tell you about these hauntings.

Moon Ghost

Learn about phenomena for which no reasonable explanation exists.  The “Moon Ghost” was a brooding, dark figure, dressed in a military style overcoat, that tormented and terrorized one local family for over two years.  No one knows why or why it stopped and it remains an unsolved mystery.

Thomas Jefferson

One of the most famous apparitions that people report seeing is Thomas Jefferson.  Monticello is so close to Charlottesville.  Many people have reported seeing his spirit floating through downtown Charlottesville.

University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is in Charlottesville which is considered to be one of the most haunted universities in this country.  Edgar Allen Poe was a UVA student.  After he left the university, a mysterious poem was found by his window about a dark spirit that shared his room,  Many students believe that dark spirit is still there.

Comyn Hall

In 1904, Comyn Hall was the site of a murder that made the headlines.  Fannie McCue was murdered in her bathroom.  She was beaten, strangled and shot.  Her husband, the former Charlottesville mayor, made up a story of an intruder, but he was arrested for the murder.

You’ll see their house which is now divided into apartments.  For years, people living in the building reported hearing eerie sounds and footsteps that sounded like the struggles and the murder that happened over a century ago.  Tenants living in the apartment where Fannie McCue was murdered have reported that the faucet in the bathroom where she died turns on and off by itself.

Old Albemarle Jail

The tour will take you to the site of the last public execution in Virginia, the Old Albemarle Jail.  And guess who was the last one to be publicly executed – none other than Sam McCue.  He had confessed to the murder before his execution.  Many people believed his mistress was involved in the murder, but in his confession, he said he acted alone.  This was huge news in that day.  And the scandal was the object of so much attention as was his execution.

People who entered the old jail after the execution frequently reported feeling like they were being watched.  So many people have reported repeatedly hearing disembodied foot steps.  Many believe Sam is still there.

0 Court Square

0 Court Square is also known as Number Nothing.  Just outside the building was the “slave block” where slaves would be auctioned off to new owners.  People in the area late at night have reported hearing the painful, disembodied cries of a woman.

Additional Tour Information

You’ll hear about all this and more.  Your guide will tell you about the Robert E. Lee statue in Market Street Park.  And you’ll walk the grounds of Maplewood Cemetery and hear about the disappearing woman in white.


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