Discount ticket for Field of Screams in Washington DC, Maryland area, a Halloween attraction

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Rated #1 Haunted Attraction by the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun.

Field of Screams is full of scares and thrills. This is the largest and most popular multi-haunt in one location.

Field of Screams has 4 different haunts to scare you out of your wits.

The Haunted Trail

This trail will take you through the haunted forest. Camp Fear is there. This is where 20 campers laughed, played and where brutally murdered. There are haunted houses along the way, each with its own horrifying sounds, looks, animation and props.

The Trail of Terror

Walk through the darkest and scariest woods you’ve ever seen.    You’ll always feel like you’re being watched and that’s because you are.  The woods are filled with zombies, horrific sites, and haunted houses.

Slaughter Factory

Listen to loud, crashing, rusty gears used to grind and rip the flesh off the bones of slaughtered animals. Buzz saw sounds fill the air and heavy equipment vibrates the ground. The owner went completely insane, fueled by the thrill of the daughter. And now you must journey through the stomach turning, sickening factory of terror. Good luck surviving this.

Carnival Town Games

Zombie Brain Smash

A zombie is trying to attack you. Slam a hammer down and stuff a brain back into the zombie’s skull.

Body Bean Bag Pumpkin Toss

See scary jack-o-lanterns come to life. Toss several bean bags into their opening and closing mouths.

Crypt Ring Toss

There’s a massive open crypt of skeletons with outstretched arms moving around. Throw rings onto their arms.

Lizzy Borden Axe Throwing

Grab bloody axes and throw them at flesh eating zombies.


Olney, Maryland, is 17 miles from Washington, D.C., 26 miles from Baltimore and 116 miles from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Towns within 12 miles of Olney include Aspen Hill, Silver Spring, Hillandale, Montgomery Village, Fairland, North Bethesda, Hillcrest Heights, Rockville, North Laurel, Gaithersburg and Adelphi.


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