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Fireside Surf is a premier wave pool facility in Dallas that offers a unique thrilling surfing experience.  Their waves mimic river waves.  They don’t use jets and they have a deep water pool to make sure you have an authentic experience.

12 high efficient pumps lift the water to a ramp.  It floats downhill until an upward ramp quickly slows it down.  That slow down causes the water to lift, producing a wave.

Fireside Surf is the first and largest stationary wave facility in Texas.  Real surfboards with real fins are used.  They have changing rooms, lockers, hot showers and comfortable seating areas.

No prior surfing experience is needed.  Ages 8 and up are welcome.  Their expert instructors provide guidance and lessons to beginners.  They offer coaching programs as you make progress on your skills.

Fireside Surf provides a non-threatening entry point for new surfers.  It also offers a place to unwind and to  cruise for casual surfers and a freestyle playground for experienced surfers.

Fireside Surf can give you customizable endless deep water waves that are nearly 6 feet high.  They eliminate the traditional barriers to surfing – jagged reefs, delayed sets, short rides and crowded waves.  You can control the ride with the ability to advance from knee high to head high waves on demand.

Fireside Surf has Pau Hana Bar.  It features craft cocktails curated by Mixologists Sean Conner and Matthew Walker.  You can also find surf beers on tap along with other local favorites.

If you need to refuel after surfing, Splash Lounge in Fiireside Surf has you covered.  Enjoy fusion bites curated by local chef John Franke and globally inspired chef created entrees.


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