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Spring, Texas, is known for its historical shopping district, some of the best barbecue in Texas and beautiful parks.  Simone Biles is Spring’s most famous resident. 

There was a bank robbery in the town about 1930.  The robbers were never arrested but the story has been passed down through generations that the robbers were Bonnie & Clyde.

Many in the area believe Spring is haunted.  And maybe that’s why it’s become known as the Ghost Capital of Texas at Night.  

Why don’t you take an Old Town Spring Ghost Tour with ghost hunting equipment and find out for yourself?

Your tour will be led by a professional and experienced ghost hunter with paranormal tools.  He/she will also know about Spring’s rich history, both local and paranormal. 

As you walk along the dark streets, you’ll hear about the many unexplained fires.  A lot of people believe the fires are connected to a Native American curse placed on the town over 200 years ago.

You’ll see the city’s doll hospital and your guide will tell you chilling tales that have happened there.

The Wunsche Brothers Cafe & Saloon was opened in 1902 by brothers Charlie and Dell.  Your guide will tell you why so many people believe one brother is still in the restaurant.

Every group will have an EMF meter.  EMF stands for electromagnetic field which is what the meter detects.  Your guide can show you how to use the EMF meter and when to use it.  You’ll be in places believed to be haunted and you’ll have the equipment to capture evidence of paranormal activity.  If that sounds like fun to you, then this is the tour for you.  This would also be a good place to have a camera.  Who knows what you might capture?


I’ll bet you wouldn’t say no to saving some money on this tour.  Book your tour here and you can save $13 to $53 (37% to 38% discount).

Texas Barbecue

And while you’re in Spring, you really should try some of that Texas barbecue they’re famous for.  Here are the 10 Best Barbecue Restaurants in Spring as chosen by the users of TripAdvisor.

  1. Corkscrew BBQ
  2. Rudy’s
  3. Q-Shi
  4. Spring Creek Barbecue
  5. The Brisket House
  6. Pit Master Bar-B-Que
  7. Southern BBQ & Catering
  8. Barney’s Barbecue & Grill
  9. Mo’s BBQ & Catering
  10. Gessner’s Grub BBQ Co

If you love Texas barbecue but can’t get to these restaurants one night, you can get food from Rudy’s and The Brisket HouseCheck out their menus.