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Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and set along the lovely Tennessee River, Chattanooga is a beautiful city. But the city has a dark past. Civil War Battles took place here. The Scenic City has a long history, some of it unfortunate with murders, fires, floods, lynchings and more.

So it isn’t surprising that so many lost souls are restless and are still roaming the streets at night. Spirits are said to lurk in alleyways and around corners. Shadows suddenly appear. Bright orbs and translucent figures appear in photos but are not visible to people.

Take a 90 minute walking tour of downtown Chattanooga and visit haunted locations where spirit sightings have occurred. Be sure to bring your camera. You never know what you might capture. Explore the scary although fascinating paranormal happenings in the city.

You’ll meet your professional local guide at 700 Cherry Street. As you walk the streets of Chattanooga, they will tell you about the dark history of of the city’s haunted past.

You’ll stop at the Dome Building which began life as the home of the Chattanooga Times. The news never sleeps and neither do the dead in this building.

You’ll stop at Fireman’s Memorial Fountain. Hear about the prehistoric man eaters who once slithered through the grass there. At Universal Joint Chattanooga, you’ll hear about zombies.

Another stop will be the Hamilton County Courthouse. Hear about a seance that called forth the dark spirit of vengeance.

You’ll go on Lookout Street and see the home of the notorious Confederate jail house. Hear about the tragedies that keep spirits here.

On the corner of Lookout Street and East 5th Street was the Union hospital. You’ll want to take pictures. There’s a spirit there who loves to be on camera.

You’ll walk the streets at night where spirits are often seen. Be thrilled and chilled on this walking tour that showcases the history, horrors and hauntings of Chattanooga.


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