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Take a tour of terror on the trolley. The Haunted Southern Clearwater Tour is a 75 minute trolley ghost tour. Explore the local history, haunted locations, ghosts and tales of Clearwater’s spooky past.

Clearwater has a dark history and a lot of underground water that makes spirits want to linger here. Flowing underground water creates unusual magnetic field properties that are particularly conducive to ghosts and hauntings. So, it’s not surprising that when it comes to spirits, Clearwater is one place they’d want to stay forever.

You’ll go by some of Clearwater’s oldest neighborhoods and go through a cemetery ringed by moss laden trees. You’ll see the Belleview Inn at Belleair and you may even see the apparition of Maisie Caldwell Manwaring. Many have reported seeing her wandering the halls looking for her million dollar pearls. Other apparitions have also been seen in the halls of this historic inn that dates back to 1897.

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You’ll see Clearwater’s Capitol Theatre. In 1981, the former theater manager, Bill Neville, was stabbed to death in the theater. After his death, a series of strange things started taking place in the theater. You’ll hear about these and why many people think Bill Neville is still in the theater.

Listen to the story of the orphan Gertrude Warnick. She never had any family and worked as a nurse at a nursing home in Clearwater. In 1953, the nursing home where she worked went up in flames. Gertrude rescued several elderly patients before she perished in the fire. Hear about her heroism and the subsequent sightings.

You’ll hear the tales and legends of Clearwater’s dark side. If you feel a chill creeping up the back of your neck, it may not just be the cool, crisp evening air.


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