Discounted admissin to Jurassic Quest at Hickory Metro Convention Center in North Carolina

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Dinosaurs here, dinosaurs there, dinosaurs are everywhere at Jurassic Quest! America’s largest and most realistic dinosaur event is coming to the Hickory Metro Convention Center in Hickory, North Carolina, on May 27, 28 and 29, 2022.

First there was the Triassic Period. Then there was the Jurassic Period. And finally there was the Cretaceous Period. You can walk through each period and learn about the dinosaurs in each period.

What to Do

Walk through the dinosaurs at your own pace. See the towering Tyrannosaurus Rex. Watch these prehistoric creatures come to life, moving and roaring. Marvel at the Spinosaurus which was the largest predatory dinosaur to ever walk the earth. They are thrilling but not scary at all.

Each dinosaur was painstakingly reproduced in every detail in collaboration with leading paleontologists. You’ll see over 100 incredibly realistic dinosaurs that are true in detail and size.

The dinosaurs are created with layers of foam placed over placed over an animatronic metal frame. There are motors inside each dinosaur that make them move. The dinosaurs can turn their heads, swing their tails and some can walk.

See the interactive Baby Dinosaur Show and meet the adorable Tyson the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The playful adolescent dinosaurs like to run around and play with the audience.

Can you conquer The Quest? Do you have what it takes to follow the clues to complete The Quest? Prizes will be given to the explorers who collect all 10 clues along the way.

There are multiple bounce houses, a small bounce house for the little ones, huge dinosaur slides, a unique bungee pull and a dinosaur obstacle course. Kids can drive around on Jurassic Jeeps to feel like they’re leading the journey through prehistoric times. There are also dinosaur rides that move in place as well as walking dinosaur rides for children.


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