Coupon, promo code for the Jurassic World exhibit in Katy, Texas

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Come face to face with life sized dinosaurs in an immersive walk through experience.  Go through the Jurassic World gate and step into a prehistoric adventure, encountering life sized dinosaurs.  This will be the closest you’ll ever come to dinosaurs.

Walk in the land of Jurassic giants.  You’ll be immersed in scenes inspired by the movie.  Travel to Isla Nublar and walk under a life sized Brachiosaurus.

In the Genetic Creation Lab, geneticists unlock the secrets of the past to bring dinosaurs to life.  Meet the park’s newest Parasardophus babies created by Jurassic World’s expert geneticists.

You’ll see a stygimoloch, a small bipedal herbivore with a domed head and a crown of horns.  You’ll see a baby Raptor and everyone’s favorite tiny dinosaur from Camp Cretaceous, Bumpy.  Get pictures of yourself with the baby dinosaurs.

You’ll see ferocious Raptors.  And, of course, Tyrannosaurus Rex will be there, towering over you.  He’ll move and roar.  See his four foot long jaw, designed for maximum bone crushing action.

Jurassic World has a Gyroscope Valley like in the movie.  The gyroscope was a sphere shaped ride and you can see a life sized gyroscope display.  Gyroscope Valley also has a Dig Site.  See for yourself what’s under the dirt.  And you can watch as the Indomines Rex gets fed.

Jurassic World has sudden loud noises, strobe lighting effects and fog/haze.  For most people, it takes 45 minutes to an hour to walk through the exhibit.  It is held in an indoor air conditioned venue.

Adult entry is for ages 16 and older.  Child admission is for those aged 3 to 15.  Ages 2 and under have free admission.


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Katy, Texas, is within 35 miles of Sugar Land, Stafford, Tomball, Houston, Pecan Grove. Bellaire, Jacinto City and Spring.