Millington, Tennessee Halloween zombie hunt discount admission

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Memphis Zombie Hunt

Tennessee is in chaos as the dead are refusing to stay dead.  There are zombies in Millington and they are really, really hungry.  Jones Orchard is now a hunting ground for the zombies.

You’ll be deputized and given your orders.  You’ll get a paintball gun mounted on a turret with 125 rounds of toxic paintballs.  Get them before they get you!

You’ll ride in a trailer and go through the orchard.  It will be very dark and spooky.  The orchard becomes a hunting ground.  You’ll be hunting them and they’ll be hunting you.  Remember, they’re really, really hungry.  

Do you have what it takes to get out alive?  You won’t know when the zombie attack will come or where they will be.  The undead will always attack when you least expect it, so be ready to blast them with your special paintballs containing zombie destroying pathogens.  Shoot fast and shoot to kill!

Will you become one of the undead or will you survive?

You’ll find that shooting moving zombies is a lot of fun.  Bring your friends and see who’s the best shot.  Get trigger happy!

Millington is in the greater Memphis area.  It is within 15 miles of Lucy, Arlington, Kerrville, Randolph, Wikinsville, Cuba, Brighton, Bartlett, Quito, Cordova, Woodstock, Tipton, Locke, Atoka, Lakeland and Crosstown.


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