Coupon, promo code for Santa and The Rougarou's Creepy Christmas Cruise at Mystic Ghost Rides in Bay St. Louis, MS

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Do you want to do something different this holiday season? Something really different? Try taking the Santa & Rougarou’s Creepy Christmas Boat Cruise in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

What did you say? Santa has an axe?

The Mystic Ghost Ride Company would like to take you on their creepy Christmas boat tour featuring Santa and the Rougarou out on the bayou.

The Rougarou is a monster from Cajun folklore. The monster in the legend is described as having the body of a man and the head of a wolf or dog. The Rougarou prowls the Louisiana bayous.

It is said that humans can be transformed into a Rougarou by being bitten by one or by being cursed. You can protect yourself from the Rougarou by laying 13 small objects by your doors. Apparently, when a person changes into a Rougarou they forget how to count past 12 since they’re only interested in midnight.

Enjoy the bonfire at the Creepy Camp. You can purchase s’mores and hot chocolate or you can bring your own bottle on the cruise. You may need some liquid courage in the bayou.

Your tour will depart from No Name Marina and go down Bayou Caddy. Mystic Molly will be your guide. She’s a masterful storyteller and will unfold a spooky Santa and the Rougarou fairytale for you. It will be a holly, haunted Christmas story.

You’ll also hear about the old souls captured in the mists of the marsh. And you’ll learn about local Christmas traditions.

This cruise is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.

So, come and go into the bayou and hear about Santa and the Rougarou…if you dare.


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Bay St. Louis is a lovely seaside town with white sandy beaches. Quaint and beautiful by day, but it can get seriously creepy at night. Find out why Bay St. Louis is one of the most haunted coastal communities in America on a Ghost & Cemetery Walking Tour. Or take a Haunted Historic Bayou Cruise.

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, is within 27 miles of Biloxi, Gulfport, Picayune and Long Beach. Bay St. Louis is 51 miles from New Orleans and 111 miles from Baton Rouge.