Louisville Kentucky Halloween event The Devil's Attic discounted tickets

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The Devils Attic in Louisville KY

In 2018, the Devil’s Attic was named one of the Top Halloween Attractions by Louisville Halloween.

In 2019, the Devil’s Attic won 18 awards.

The Devil loves to collect souls, the absolute worst souls that have brought misery, death, and terror to all.  He keeps them under lock and key in his attic.  They have been waiting for centuries to unleashed their hellish power.  

That time is now.  Prepare to face pure, unadulterated evil.  Welcome to the Devil’s Attic!

Do you remember the monsters in your childhood nightmares?  They’re here.

You’ve heard the tales of the classic monsters of Hallows Eve.  They’re here.

Creatures so evil even the Devil had to lock them away.  They’re here.

And so are you.  The Devil’s Attic is waiting for you.  Enter if you dare…

The atmosphere is spooky even before you enter.  There’s a decked-out hearse in front.  You’ll hear screams, chains clanging, growls, moans, thunder and the rev of a chain saw.

If you haven’t lost your nerve, you’ll enter 15,000 square feet of hair raising, heart-pounding scares.  

The sets are elaborate and props include bones and body parts.  You’ll see the most wicked and evil creatures who are determined to wreak havoc on all those who enter.  Meet the Devil, very thirsty vampires, zombies, ghosts, swamp creatures, and many more.

The actors are intense and will play out movie-quality scenes.  Fog and lasers add to the eerie vibe.  The creatures will come at you from the right and then from the left.  A monster will charge you from the front and then one will sneak up on you from behind.  They make excellent use of good hiding spots and misdirection.

You’ll be scared and “tortured” the whole way through the Devil’s Attic.  The scenes will increase in intensity the farther you go.  If you make it to the exit, don’t turn around to get a look at what’s charging you.  Just run as fast as you can!

The Devil’s Attic has multiple props by the exit outside so you can take photos and selfies that would be perfect to share on social media.  There’s also a concession stand with hot dogs, snacks, and drinks available for purchase.


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