Discounted admission to Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta, Georgia

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The Georgia Aquarium is home to 10 million gallons of water and thousands of animals, including 500 species from around the world.

Things to Do at the Georgia Aquarium

The Aquarium features galleries that are sure to spark your interest.

Cold Water Quest

See some of the world’s coldest ocean animals The sea otter exhibit has a deck for trainer/animal interaction. The African penguin exhibit has more than 25 nesting areas. Pop up windows and acrylic tunnels let you come face to face with penguins. The beluga whale exhibit contains subarctic temperature water plus harbor seals. You’ll see giant Pacific octopus, mottled sea stars, Japanese spider crab, tufted puffins and more.

Ocean Voyager

Ocean Voyager is home to whale sharks, blacktip reef sharks, giant guitarfish, leopard whipray, manta rays, green sea turtles, blue tang surgeonfish and more. It has 4.574 square feet of viewing windows and the largest viewing window on the planet at 23 feet tall by 61 feet wide. Walk through a 100 foot long tunnel surrounded by an aquarium. See sharks and rays from all different angles.

River Scout

River Scout shows you the wide diversity of animals found in freshwater rivers around the world. See snapping turtles, alligators, blue catfish, Asian small clawed otters, banded archerfish and more. Get close enough to piranha to see their razor sharp teeth.

Aquanaut Adventure

You can learn about aquatic life on expedition through a variety of immersive habitats. See chocolate chip sea stars, African pancake tortoise, alligators, emerald tree boa, mourning gecko and more.

Tropical Diver

Explore coral reefs and see colorful coral reef fish. See seahorses, arc-eye hawkfish, bicolor angelfish, blackbar soldierfish and more.

Dolphin Coast

Dolphin Coast features bottlenose dolphins. See a live training demonstration. The Dolphin Theater has a fantastic show that is fun for all ages.

Sharks/Predators of the Deep

Sharks/Predators of the Deep is the Georgia Aquarium’s newest gallery and it will take you from fear to fascination. Its state of the art floor to ceiling acrylic viewing windows give you visual access to the mysterious underwater world of sharks. See great hammerhead sharks, sand tiger sharks, tiger sharks and more.

Truist Pier

Be transported to the California coast to get an up close look at sea lions.

Additional Fun

Have a Seal Encounter or a Sea Otter Encounter. Complete fun challenges in science and technology. Find out what it’s like to work aquatic and marine sciences. Have fun in their state of the art 4D Theater. There’s just so much to see and do at the Georgia Aquarium!

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