Discount price for surfing & paddleboarding in North Florida with Jacksonville Surf & Paddle

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Surfing & Paddleboarding Lessons In Neptune, Florida

Surf’s up in Neptune Beach!  Have you ever watched surfers and wished you could do that?  Let Jacksonville Surf & Paddle turn your surfing dreams into reality.

Stand up paddleboarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world.  If you’ve ever wanted to go paddleboarding, Jacksonville Surf & Paddle can help you with that as well.

Jacksonville Surf & Paddle is offering a beginner’s surf class followed by an eco-tour and a beginner’s paddleboarding class followed by an eco-tour.

Your surfing lesson will begin on land.  The goal is to help you master surfboard fundamentals.  It will be a small group lesson and social distancing will be maintained.  All needed equipment will be provided.  Your certified instructor will tell you about water safety, popping up, and balance.  You’ll also learn about ocean conditions and wave breaks.

When the land lesson ends, it will be time to get into the water!  Your instructor will work with you, getting you comfortable handling your board in the water.  You will stand up on a surfboard with this class.  And then you’ll have the most exciting ride of your life!

Before the stand-up paddleboarding lesson, your instructor will choose the correct board and paddle for you.  You’ll learn how to set off in the water and how to stand up on your board.  Correct placement of your feet will be taught as well as where to stand on the board.  

Your instructor will go over basic strokes, which strokes will move your board in a straight line, and which to use to turn the board.  Correct hand placement and arm movement is an important part of paddleboarding.

This probably sounds like a lot to learn, but it really isn’t when you’re out on your board on the water.  It’s a lot easier when you can actually see someone demonstrating all this.

And then you’ll set off on your paddleboard on the Intercoastal Waterway on an eco-tour with your instructor as your guide.  Enjoy being on the water and getting a close up view of and learn about Jacksonville’s indigenous plant and animal life.  See what Florida really looks like.

TripAdvisor named Jacksonville Surf & Paddle as “1 of 10 things to do in Neptune Beach.”


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