Disocunted ticket for scary haunted trailway in Nashville, Tennessee area

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Experience the thrill of a lifetime at Cryptid Trails the Haunted Experience. The howls of flesh eaters will fill the air in the cursed woods. Can you survive it?

The opening Scaremonies will begin at 7 pm every night. It features scare actors from the scare zone/Cryptid Quad. People are dying to see this! Experience Tennessee’s scariest!

As the legend goes, there was a feud between three witches and the natives many years ago. The witches stalked the natives’ hunting grounds. Using black magic, they cast a spell on their woods. Every animal died and the plants rotted away.

Starvation ensued. The tribe chieftain sacrificed himself so they could have something to eat. After that meal, the members of the tribe underwent a violent change. They wanted more. They still do. They’re in those cursed woods and they’re waiting for you. Can you make it through the woods?

The darkness falls and shadows fill the woods. Are you ready to fight for your life? You’d better be.

Cryptid Trails is one of the most interactive haunted attractions ever. You’ll find sets that interact with you. Experience custom special effects and realistic animatronics. There will be scares at every turn.

The legend is based on a Windigo tale from Native American folklore. It’s just a little creepier than the average legend. The nightly show and fun walk through haunted experience begin just after dark. The average walk through time is 30 minutes, which can vary based on the speed of your group.

Cryptid Trails uses strobe lights, moving floors, intense sound and FX lighting, low lighting, sudden movements, gun fire and more. Be prepared to be scared! Enter at your own risk….if you dare.


Towns within 20 miles of Columbia, Tennessee, include Mount Pleasant, Culleoka, Spring Hill, Williamsport, Hampshire, Primm Springs, Chapel Hill, Lewisburg, College Grove and Lynnville. Nashville is 46 miles from Columbia.

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