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Fright Nights at Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

If you are looking for something scary in San Antonio, Texas, then you know you want to visit Ripley’s Haunted Adventure.  And this is true year-round.  Because Ripley’s Haunted Adventure is the only haunted house in San Antonio, Texas that is open year-round.  And it’s a multi-million dollar haunted house with scary special effects and live actors.

But come Halloween time, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure takes it up a notch.  And they do this with Fright Nights!

Fright Nights is a nighttime event at Ripley’s Haunted Adventure.  It’s been a hit in San Antonio, Texas for the past eighteen years.

And it’s scary.  Once you make your way down a dark corridor, the horror will begin.  Something scary is lurking at every corner.  You hear terrifying noises, like unexpected footsteps or bangs.  You’ll see terrifying creatures, like ones with a chainsaw and a bloody apron in the shadows.  The lines of what is real and what is not get blurred.  This is one of the scariest experiences you can have around Halloween.

It takes place every Friday and Saturday in October.  It runs from 7:00 PM to midnight.

Fright Nights at Ripley’s Haunted Adventure is conveniently located in San Antonio, Texas.  It’s across from the Alamo and just blocks away from the Riverwalk.

COVID-19 Safety

Ripley’s Believe it or Not! is committed to keeping you as safe as possible during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  You are required to wear a facemask.  You will need to adhere to their social distancing policies.  One way they’re really making sure you socially distant is that each group visiting has a private experience.  Which is actually pretty awesome and something I would enjoy regardless of the pandemic.


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