Discount ticket for Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park in Dallas Fort Worth East Texas area

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It’s that special time of year again.  That time of year where we get prepared to get scared out of our minds.  And if you like getting really scared, then I suggest you head to Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park this October!

Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park is a great seasonal event that takes place on Fridays and Saturdays in October from 7:00 PM until midnight.  It takes place on 2705 State Highway 31 East in Athens, Texas near the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park is a wonderful event with three main attractions.  We’re going to tell you about them.  And then tell you how you can save money on a ticket here!

Hall Asylum

The haunted Hall Asylum is a brand new 2021 attraction!

The story behind this attraction is that Hall Hotel dates back to the early 1920s.  Then, in the 1930s, Hall Hotel was converted to Hall Asylum.  One of the doctors who worked there was Dr. Wilson.  He specialized in chronic diseases.  He started seeing clients for hallucinations at the Hall Asylum.

But, unfortunately, this was not without consequences for the rest of the town.  The townsfolk started seeing their worst fears come to life!  Dr. Wilson tried treating these hallucinations, but there was very little relief.  Undeterred, Dr. Wilson became obsessed with finding the cause and treatment of this terrible disease.  He even experimented on patients, but nothing work.

After Dr. Wilson passed, though, people then learned what started these symptoms.  And that was the discovery of the Malakoff Man!

And the rest of the story?  Well, it’s still being told!  So come be part of it…if you dare.

The House of Wax

The House of Wax is returning in 2021 – and it is scarier than ever!  This is where you come face to face with the scariest monsters and madmen in movie history, in gruesome scenes straight out of your favorite horror films!  This is the perfect attraction for anyone who loves horror films.

Grimrot’s Festival

Grimrot’s Festival is a haunted house based on the famous Athens Monkey Road. Learn about the terrible truth of the monkeys and sideshow workers of the 1962 circus train derailment.

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