Coupon, promo code for Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Glow Party in Austin, TX

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Yesterday was Christmas, and that’s a time where we all give gifts to our family and loved ones.  But I think no matter what gifts you gave yesterday, you probably still want to treat your family and loved ones.  And one way to treat them is to take them to a Hot Wheels Monster Truck show!

Hot Wheels Monster Truck shows are fun for all ages.  There is something about seeing those trucks jump up in the air only to crash down on cars.

And Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Glow Party is a great monster truck show.  They’ve got great trucks such as Mega Wrex, Demo Derby, Tiger Shark, Bone Shaker, Gunkster, Bigfoot, and the brand new HW 5-Alarm.   You see these trucks compete against each other in competitions and battles.  They perform great tricks.

As does the Freestyle Motocross team, so you’ll be getting to see all kinds of fun tricks.  Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Glow Party also has a dance party as well as fun giveaways.

Plus, the whole show is in the dark!  That means you’ll be treated to laser light shows!

And luckily, you won’t have to wait very long to see this show.  That is if you are in or are visiting the Austin, Texas area.  Because the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Glow Party  will be at the Moody Center in Austin from January 13, 2024, through January 14, 2024.  They will have two shows on Saturday (12:30 PM and 7:30 PM) and one show on Sunday (2:30 PM).

If you’d like to attend one or more of these shows, keep reading to find out how to save money on your ticket.

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