A picture of the Spinosaurus which you can find a life-size animatronic version of at Jurassic Quest

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Are you fascinated by dinosaurs?  Do you have a child, friend, partner, etc. who loves dinosaurs?  Well, bring them all to Jurassic Quest!

Jurassic Quest is a great event that has been traveling all across America.  My family went last weekend and we had a blast.

And now it will be coming to the Tampa Bay area.  It will be at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa from July 21, 2023, through July 23, 2023.

So what can you expect at this event?  Well, for one thing, dinosaurs!  As in huge animatronic dinosaurs that are literally life-sized.  You will be impressed by the size of these dinosaurs.  Especially the spinosaurus!

A picture of the Spinosaurus which you can find a life-size animatronic version of at Jurassic QuestThe Spinosaurus is actually fifty feet long!

This is one of the facts you can learn at Jurassic Quest.  They have signs up by the dinosaurs giving you helpful facts like their name, the name meaning, their diet, their size, what period (such as Triassic or Cretaceous) they lived in, where they lived, etc.  You learn a lot this way.  There are also videos up to help you learn as well.

But if you have young kids (like say toddlers) and you are worried the educational stuff will be over their head and they’ll be bored, don’t worry.  Because first of all, the dinosaurs will impress them.  And secondly, there’s a lot of fun activities for kids.

A picture of the kids play area at Jurassic Quest

This includes activities like Tricera-Tots Playland, Bounce Houses, Ride a Dino!  Kids can even pet a raptor (spoiler alert: it’s a person in a raptor costume, but your kids will still love it).

A picture of the dinosaur encounter at Jurassic Quest in Tampa, Florida

So there’s definitely a lot to do there.   I know you’ll want to go.  Especially when you learn about a great ticket deal!

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