My family loved eating the strawberry pancakes at Mama Steve's House of Pancakes in Williamsburg

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Are you looking for a great breakfast or brunch in Williamsburg, Virginia?  Then Mama Steve’s House of Pancakes on Richmond Road is a wonderful choice!

My family tried it for the first time when we visited Williamsburg, Virginia for Memorial Day.  And we were really glad we made the decision!

Now, as I said, we were visiting on Memorial Day weekend.  So it was busy, which is definitely to be expected.  They told us the wait would be a 10-15 minute wait.  They said that to a lot of guests, but it ended up being totally accurate.  Mama Steve’s did a good job of clearing the tables and bringing in the next party.

When I walked into the restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice how beautifully the restaurant is decorated.  They use a lot of blues, which I really like.  It gives the place a patriotic feel, which is totally fitting for a restaurant in Williamsburg, Virginia.

A picture of Mama Steve's House of Pancakes menu

I also really liked the placemats.  They tell you about the state of Virginia, which I just think is a really nice touch.

Mama's Steve House of Pancakes in Williamsburg has great Virginia theming

This made the overall experience even better.

But you come to a pancake house for the food, right?  So let me tell you about the food!

Mama Steve’s House of Pancakes Food Review

After we ordered, the food came quickly.  And it was hot.  Like I burned the roof of my mouth hot.  That’s never happened to me at a breakfast before!  But it was totally worth it.  Because my food was delicious.

So I ordered the pancakes with strawberry pancakes with whipped cream.

My family loved eating the strawberry pancakes at Mama Steve's House of Pancakes in Williamsburg

A picture of the strawberry pancake entree available at Mama Steve's in Williamsburg, Virginia

Mama Steve's House of Pancakes breakfast & brunch review

I just can’t put into words how delicious these pancakes were.  My dad didn’t order it and tried it and immediately regretted he, too, didn’t order the strawberry pancakes!

Though he loved his dish.  He ordered the ham & cheese omelette along with the rest of my family.

Ham & cheese omelets at Mama Steve's in Williamsburg are delicious according to my family

A really great thing about Mama Steve’s is that they let you substitute cheeses, too.  So you could get a choice of American Cheese or swiss cheese.

This entree also came with toast.  All of the food was very delicious.

So I definitely recommend eating at Mama Steve’s House of Pancakes for breakfast or brunch next time you are vacationing in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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