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Old Town Trolley Tours Key West

Are you traveling to Key West, Florida?  Well, the best way to truly enjoy the southernmost city of the United States is with an Old Town Trolley Tour.

Live Narration

The Old Town Trolley Tour is wonderful for so many reasons.  For starters, its the live narration.  You get live narration rather than audio recordings on the Old Town Trolley Tour of Key West.  You will learn so much about Key West from this narration.

You will learn about Henry’s Flager’s railroad  This was known as the railroad that went to the sea.  You learn about its success – and its disaster.  You will learn about Key West’s shipwrecking industry.

And you will also hear wonderful tales and legends involving pirates and Native Americans.  You will be fascinated by the legends of the Calusa Indians.  People believed they left their enemies’ remains on the beaches of Key West.  That is what led to Key West’s first name, Cayo Hueso.  This means the Islands of Bones!

The Trolley Itself

Another reason we here at Green Vacation Deals love the Old Town Trolley Tours is the open windows.  We believe this leads to the best pictures and videos.  And you are going to want to get great pictures and videos while you are in Key West.  These will help you keep memories of Key West for years to come.  And they will look great on your social media feeds!

The Trolley Stops

But perhaps the best reason to take the Key West Old Town Trolley Tour is the steps.  You’ll be able to get off any of the 13 stops.  You can then explore the area and see whatever attractions you like.  Once you are done exploring the area, you can simply get back on the bus and continue with the tour.  This is such a great way to explore Key West.

And the Old Town Trolley Tour has 13 wonderful stops.  This covers all the best Key West attractions.

Stop #1: Mallory Square

The first stop is Mallory Square near the corner of David Wolkowsky & Wall Street.

Attractions you can explore if you get off on this stop include:

Stop #2: Historic Waterfront/Mac’s Sea Garden

The second stop is the Historic Waterfront and Mac’s Sea Garden between Margaret and Williams Streets.

Attractions you can explore if you get off on this stop include:

Stop #3: Simonton & Green Streets

The third stop is at the corner of Simonton & Green Streets.

This is where you should get off if you want to explore the following attractions:

Stop #4: Duval Street/Crowne Plaza La Concha

The fourth stop is in front of the Crowne Plaza La Concha Hotel on Duval Street.

Here is where you get off if you want to explore any of the following attractions:

  • Art@830
  • Two Monkeys
  • Oldest House Museum
  • La Concha
  • San Carlos Theater
  • Tropic Cinema
  • St. Paul’s Church

Stop #5: Bahama Village

The fifth stop is the Bahama Village on the corner of Whitehead and Petronia.

This stop is great if you want to visit one of these attractions:

  • Ernest Hemingway House
  • Key West Lighthouse
  • Green Parrot Bar

Stop #6: Fairfield Inn

The sixth stop is the Fairfield Inn hotel on N Roosevelt Blvd.

We recommend you stop here if you want to visit one of the following:

  • Key West Yacht Club
  • Garrison Bight Marina

Stop #7: Roosevelt Station at Gates Hotel

The seventh stop is at the Roosevelt Station at Gates Hotel.

There are three points of interest here you can explore if you get off at this stop:

Stop #8: Hampton Inn

The eighth stop is at the Hampton Inn hotel.

Old Town Trolley guests can get off on this stop if they want to explore one of the following:

  • Key West International Airport
  • East Martello Fort/Robert The Doll

Stop #9: East Martello Fort/ Robert The Doll

The ninth stop is at the East Martello Fort and Museum.

Notable attractions here include:

Stop #10: Casa Marina Resort & Beach House

If you get off on the tenth stop, you will find yourself at the front doors of the Waldorf Astoria Casa Marina Hotel.

Getting off at this stop is a good idea if you want to visit one of the following:

  • Key West Garden Club
  • African American Memorial
  • AIDS Memorial
  • Higgs Beach
  • West Martello Fort

Stop #11: Southernmost Point Trolley Stop

The eleventh stop is at the Southernmost Point Gift Shop.

Guests should get off here if they want to visit one of the following:

Stop #12: Truval Village

The twelfth stop is the Truval Village stop on the southeastern side of Duval Street.

Notable attractions you can visit if you get off here include:

Stop #13: Angela Street Depot

The Angela Street Depot is the thirteenth and final stop on the Key West Old Town Trolley Tour.

Getting off on this stop is a good idea if you want to visit one of the following:

  • Ernest Hemingway House
  • Key West Cemetery
  • Kermit’s Key Lime Pie


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