Coupons for Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Smoky Mountains mini golf & escape rooms

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Crave Golf Club in Pigeon Forge, TN

Are you looking for a truly great and unique mini golf experience in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee?  Then check out Crave Golf Club.  It has, after all, been ranked the #1 mini-golf course in the country!

So what makes it so great?  For one thing, it is weatherproof!  There are indoor and outdoor courses!  Yes, Crave Golf Club is the only 19-hole indoor mini-golf course & 19-hole rooftop course in Pigeon Forge.  So you can play indoors or on top of the roof!

And that’s not the only thing that makes Crave Golf Club fun.  Their fun, unique theming also makes a trip here quite enjoyable.  It is themed to candy & sweets.

The rooftop golf course has candy-themed sections like Bubblegum Garden, Rock Candy Mountain, and the Jellybean Jungle.  While you play golf, you’ll see gumball trees, crystalline candy stalagmites, giant lollipops – and even Jellybean Crave-men!

When you play the indoor golf course, you’ll be going through ice cream sculpted canyons and cliffs made out of cocoa.  You can take a journey on the Sugar Safari where you can interact with sugar cone characters while you avoid a variety of obstacles.  And that’s not all.  You can spin a wheel at each hole for a fun twist.

Other Activities

But mini golf isn’t the only reason to check out Crave Golf Club.

Escape Room

Did you know that some of the best escape rooms in the Smoky Mountains are found at Crave Golf Club?  You’ll race the clock to find clues, crack codes, and solve puzzles.

MayDay! A Deep Sea Adventure

In this escape room, you are trapped on a submarine and water is filling the ship.  You’ll have to work with your crew to seal all of the watertight doors before it is too late.

Zombie Research Lab

In this Escape Room, you have to find the cure to the deadly Zombyte virus.  But you have to work quickly.  Because a horde of Zombyte infected creatures is about to close in on your lab!

Sweet Shop

Let’s face it, with a theme like this, afterwards, you’re going to be craving sweets, right?  Well, luckily Crave Golf Club has you covered.  They have a great Sweet Shop.  And like the rest of Crave Golf Club, it is unique.  It’s not your average, run of the mill candy store.  It has a wall of Jelly Beans, a milkshake bar, gigantic boxes of Sour Patch Kids & Nerds, four-foot pixie sticks, and more.


You may have bowled before.  But have you ever done mini-bowling?  Mini Bowling combines the fun of traditional bowling with a smaller, faster-paced bowling experience.  It is fun for kids and adults, and you don’t even need any bowling shoes!  The mini bowling lanes at Crave even have cool lighting effects.


This is definitely a place you want to check out when you’re traveling to the Smoky Mountains.  It makes a trip to Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg even better.  So I know you are looking for coupons to save you money on this family-friendly attraction.

And good news – you are in the right place!  Click here to get some great coupons for Crave Golf Club.  They can save you money on mini-golf and the escape room attractions.