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Since it was first established in 2010, Pinballz has become a premier gaming and entertainment destination in Austin, Texas.  They now have multiple locations, and one of those is Lake Creek.  Pinballz Lake Creek is located in North Austin at 13729 Research Boulevard.

Pinballz Lake Creek has a lot of great activities.  I’m going to go over these experiences – and I’ll let you know about coupons you can get for these activities, too.

XD Dark Ride Adventure Theater

Up to eight riders at a time can enjoy an adrenaline-charged experience involving real-time 3D graphics, motion, sound, and lights.  There are four different themed experiences so riders of all ages can enjoy it.

Laser Tag

Pinballz Lake Creek has a state-of-the-art, 6,400 square feet, LED arena.  Up to 32 players can play against each other in an extreme laser tag experience.  You can choose from over ten different game modes.

Laser Maze Challenge

Ever wondered what it would be like to be in a Mission: Impossible-style task where you have to maneuver your way through lasers?  Well, now is your chance!  In this Laser Maze Challenge by Funovation, you’ll enter a dark room filled with bright green laser beams.  You’ll either maneuver through them, or strategically break them, depending on which style of gameplay you choose.

Go Karts

Pinballz Lake Creek has European-style go-karts that drive on an LED-lit track with day, evening, and night driving modes.

Escape Rooms

Pinballz Lake Creek has two different escape rooms:

The Da Vinci Code

This escape room experience takes you back in time to view Leonardo Da Vinci’s art and inventions.  You’ll search for clues to unlock the Cryptex and try to solve the riddle of the Holy Grail!

A Space Odyssey

After you’re locked in a room with a Doomsday Device, you’ll have to uncover the clues so you can find the correct code to disarm the device.  Do it right, and you’ll save the universe!  Do it wrong too many times, and it will set off the bomb, which could destroy not only you but the rest of the universe!

VR Experiences

Pinballz Lake Creek has five different virtual reality experiences.

They have an Omniverse VR arena, which features the world’s only four-person VR experience.  The Omniverse VR arena has lots of competitive multiplayer, co-operative play, and non-violent kids games you can play.

Then there is Hologate VR, where you and up to three friends can be transported into an immersive world where you can fight dragons, zombies, and robots, dodge snowballs, or even have a dance-off.

Bumper Cars

Enjoy some old-fashioned amusement park and carnival-style fun at the bumper car attraction.

Highway 66 Mini Bowling

So what exactly is miniature bowling?  Well, it’s bowling but with shorter lanes, automated bumpers, and a lighter ball.  It’s a great way for the entire family to have fun together.

Whiskey Bar

Pinballz Lake Creek even has an upscale whiskey bar!  Here you can enjoy craft cocktails, beers, and spirits.


Looking for coupons to help you save money at Pinballz Lake Creek?

You can find a coupon for discounted laser tag admission here.  You’ll save up to 45% on your admission.

Then there is a coupon for discounted go-kart races here.  You’ll save up to 38% on your ticket.

Then you can save up to 42% on your XD Dark Ride Adventure Ticket here.