Discounted prices for Potter's Wax Museum a popular St. Augustine FL attraction

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Potter’s Wax Museum

Why has Potter’s Wax Museum has consistently been voted one of the best attractions in St. Petersburg, Florida over the past 20 years?  Well, there are a lot of good reasons that should answer any questions you have!

Wax Figures

For starters, there are the wax figures.  You would expect a wax museum to have wax figures, and Potter’s Wax Museum does not disappoint.  In fact, there are over 160 wax figures.  And there’s a large range of wax figures, too.  You’ll see everything from actual celebrities likes athletes or actors.  Then there are great historical figures.  And there are fictional characters, too!  Here are some of the figures you can see during your trip to the Potter Wax Museum:

Fictional Characters
  • Harry Potter (because a trip to a place called Potter’s Wax Museum would be disappointing without him, right?)
  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Austin Powers
Historical Figures
  • Ponce de Leon
  • Princess Diana
  • Albert Einstein
  • Michael Jordan
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Britney Spears


When you visit St. Augustine, Florida, you want to see history, right?  Well, that’s what neat about visiting Potter’s Wax Museum.  Not only are you going to see wax figures, but you get to do so in a historical location.  See, Potter’s Wax Museum is housed inside the oldest pharmacy in the United States.  So that’s a really neat thing about being here.  Additionally, this place is haunted.  It’s part of the Ghosts & Graveyards Nightime Ghost Tour, where you get to visit this museum after hours.  You can see our review here.


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