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Beast House Haunted House In Nashville, Tennessee

Do you want to go to a REAL haunted house this year?  Not an empty store in a strip shopping center or a warehouse but a house that has a real history and the kind of inexplicable happenings that have made people flee vowing to never return.  

Beast House History

Nashville has one of the best and most authentic haunted houses in the United States.  Its nickname is the Beast House because of its original enormous size at 40,000 square feet.  Isaac Kechem, a wealthy local attorney, and his family lived there.  On July 2, 1899, Isaac gruesomely murdered his entire family, aged 3 to 56 years old.  He then hung himself.  No one knew why he did it.

Beast House sat in ruins for years and in 1927, a fire destroyed 60% of it.  In 1952, it was purchased, restored, and turned into The Starlite Dinner Club, a country music club.

Over the years, staff and guests witnessed phenomena for which there was no reasonable explanation.  There were many reports of seeing people dressed in Victorian-era attire who would disappear.  Children’s cries were heard when no one was there.  Objects were shattered or destroyed when no one was near them.  Some of the staff quit after witnessing this.  The rest of the staff learned to accept it and many new customers came in hoping to see the paranormal activity they’d heard about.  The club closed in 2014.

Beast House Today  

Beast House has again been restored.  You’ll step back in time now when you enter.  You’ll see the original trim work and burned out fireplaces.  You can walk down the original hallways and into the rooms where Isaac Kechem lived.  Experience a piece of Nashville’s dark history with an unmatched story of cruelty and murder.

The nightmare is real in this house.  True terror has existed here.

Go on a hair-raising, heart-pounding trip through this historic house.  Intense actors take on roles of demented monsters, ghosts, and demons.  There will be jump scares and amazingly scary props.  The creepy authentic feel of a musty old house adds to the atmosphere of the haunted house.

Participants (18 years +) can climb to the roof of the Beast House, walk to the edge, and jump to the ground below.  No harness, no cables, and no equipment, it will just be you and gravity.

Everything is a little different in 2020.  Beast House is excited to scare you safely.  All staff will have masks, nightly temperature checks, and hand sanitizer.  Frequent enhanced cleanings will be performed before and after each opening.  Social distancing will be practiced.  Masks are required for all customers.  If you forgot your mask, they have Red Skull Masks for purchase.  No fog will be used this year.  The Beast Challenge will not be offered this year but it will return better than ever in 2021.

The Beast House is located between Madison and Goodlettsville, 8 minutes from Opryland, and 10 minutes from downtown Nashville.

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