Tampa CityPASS vs trio pass price & activity comaprison

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Are you planning a trip to the Tampa Bay, Florida area?  Then I’m sure you’ll want to check out the great activities in the Tampa area but you’ll want to save money at the same time.  A great way to save money when you visit multiple attractions in an area is to buy a pass where you can get admission to multiple activities at discounted prices.

For Tampa, there are two of these passes that might interest you: the Tampa City Pass and the Tampa’s Trio Triplet Pass.  Below, I will compare the two:

Trio PassCityPASS
Adult Ticket$65.35$107
Child’s Ticket$49.35$97
What It Includes:
Busch Gardens TampaX
Chihuly CollectionX
Clearwater Marine AquariumX
Museum of Science & IndustryXX
The Florida AquariumXX
ZooTampa at Lowry ParkXX


As you can see, the CityPass is more expensive but you get a lot more activities for the price and it’s definitely the better choice if one of the must do items for you in Tampa is only on the CityPASS, such as Busch Gardens or Clearwater Marine Aquarium.   However, if only a few items interest you, you’re not going to be in Tampa long, etc., then the Trio Pass might be the better option.  Either way, you can use this chart to help you make your decision.

Also, please note that with the CityPass you have to choose between the Museum of Science & Industry or the Chihuly Collection