Chicken Caesar Salad at Tuk Tuk Market inside Loews Royal Pacific Resort at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida

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Loews Royal Pacific Resort is a beautiful hotel, located just a boat ride or short walk from the Universal Orlando theme parks.

If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing, and delicious sit down meal at the hotel, we highly recommend Jake’s American Bar.

But sometimes, you might be looking for a faster option. And that’s where Tuk Tuk Market comes in.

Tuk Tuk Market is a quick service restaurant, located off the lobby of the Royal Pacific. And although it’s not large in size, there are actually a number of options. In this dining review, we’re going to share our experiences eating dinner there after a day at the parks.

Menu Selection

What I like about the Tuk Tuk Market is that there is a mix of hot and cold options. You can grab a “cold” item, or you can wait a short amount of time for your hot menu choice to be prepared.

Some of the breakfast menu items include:

  • Cereal
  • Bacon, egg and cheese croissant
  • Egg white, provolone cheese and mushroom wrap
  • Egg white, spinach and mushroom wrap
  • Breakfast potatoes
  • Granola parfait
  • Fruit cup
  • Ham, egg and cheese burrito
  • Avocado toast
  • Greek yogurt

And for lunch or dinner, you can choose from things like:

  • Wok Bowls
  • Sushi
  • Hot Roast Beef and Cheese
  • Southwest Chicken Sandwich
  • Caesar Salad
  • Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Chicken Caesar Wrap
  • Turkey and Havarti Sandwich
  • Italian Sub Sandwich
  • Pizza
  • Hot Dogs
  • Hand-Scooped Ice Cream

Throughout the day, you can pick up things like bags of chips, candy, soda, and beer.


After spending the evening at Universal Studios Florida, our family decided to have dinner at Tuk Tuk Market. Since we were staying at Royal Pacific, we liked the convenience of being able simply to walk back to our room after dinner.

Whether you’re paying for packaged food and drinks or want something made to order (like a hot sandwich), you order and pay for both at the same place, one of the registers at the counter.

There isn’t a lot of space for people to stand in line or wait for your order, unfortunately, which made it crowded and the process confusing. And the service wasn’t the friendliest I’ve ever experienced in Orlando, either.


When we went, we had no trouble getting a table. But since seating is a little limited, you could consider eating in your room or look for a table outdoors. This is, of course, provided that the weather is good enough to eat outside. Our dinner was during one of those rare and strangely chilly nights in Orlando (granted, it was in January).

Food Review

So now you know about the service and the available seating, but what about the food?

Chicken Caesar Salad at Tuk Tuk Market inside Loews Royal Pacific Resort at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida

One of the prepackaged options you can pick up is a chicken Caesar salad. Overall, the salad was good. The greens were fresh, which is definitely appreciated in something that has already been prepared in advance. The chicken and croutons were a little hard, though. One highlight was the addition of grape tomatoes, which you don’t always see in a chicken Caesar salad.

Roast Beef and Cheese Sandwich served hot at the Tuk Tuk Market inside Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando Resort

If you’re more in the mood for something warm, you can order something like a hot roast beef sandwich. I didn’t realize it came with mayonnaise and might have held it if I’d known, but the mayonnaise was very good and really added to the sandwich. Unfortunately, the insides of the sandwich kept slipping out of the bread, which made it messy to eat.

Italian Sub Sandwich from the Tuk Tuk Market quick service restaurant at Loews Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando Florida

Alternately, you can choose a “grab and go” sandwich like this Italian sub. It was good, but it could have benefited from being warmed up in a microwave.

One scoop of blue birthday cake ice cream with sprinkles at the Tuk Tuk Market quick service restaurant at Loews Royal Pacific Resort hotel in Orlando Florida

For dessert, we chose the birthday cake ice cream. This was delicious! There are a number of flavors available, but I definitely recommend the birthday cake ice cream. While it looked at first as if there were only a few sprinkles, the sprinkles were actually mixed in with the ice cream (as opposed to being literally sprinkled on top).

Refillable Mugs

I am a big fan of the refillable mug options at both the Disney World and the Universal Resort hotels. And at the Universal hotels, you actually get a mug specific to your hotel, which is really special. I love using the mugs when I get home – it’s a fun and useful souvenir.

And in addition to the convenience of Tuk Tuk Market, I had wanted to have dinner there in part because I was looking forward to getting a mug.

So I was very disappointed that there were no mugs at Tuk Tuk Market. When we asked about this, we never got a clear answer about why they weren’t there.

A few days after we checked out, I completed an online survey I’d received via email, asking about our experiences at Royal Pacific Resort. I mentioned the refillable mugs not being available in the survey. Later that day, I received an email from the assistant front office manager, who apologized for Tuk Tuk Market being out of the mugs. I was glad that it doesn’t seem they’ve discontinued the program. (I was also very impressed that someone had already read and responded to my survey answers!)


The convenience of Tuk Tuk Market’s location makes it a good option for anyone staying at Loews Royal Pacific Resort. You can choose from a variety of options, whether you’re wanting breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. If for no other reason, consider stopping by for the birthday cake ice cream, which was the real standout of our family’s dinner!

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