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Dead City Haunted House

Dead City Haunted House will take you to a new level of terror with 50+ rooms of screams.  Step into your worst nightmare in this immersive adventure.

Walls and costumes radiate with hideous colors as dead things, moving and still, glow in the dark.  Actors take on roles of werewolves, killer clowns, zombies, vampires, ghosts, and monsters and they will make your blood run cold.  There are more than 100 automated characters and effects.  This is a no-touch zone.  

The details in the sets are amazing.  The layout is great and well-executed.  Frightening props, cutting edge state of the art animatronics and spooky special effects will create thrills and chills for even the bravest guest.  

Make your way through 30,000 square feet of terror.  Zombies and monsters lurk around every corner.  The rooms will have shocking twists and horrifying turns.  Beware of the jump scares.  You’ll scream, then laugh and have fun!

Haunted House Rooms

Some of the rooms you’ll go through are

  • 3D Nightmare – You’ll get 3D glasses.  Walls and creatures will look like they have a depth of 12 inches or more and are very distorting.
  • Nursery Nightmare – Have you ever had a doll that freaked you out?  See a whole room full of them.  Hello dolly!
  • Cannibal kitchen – These cannibals are very, very hungry.  Will their next meal be you?
  • Electric Science Lab – See electrified creatures who want to share their obsession with you.  Don’t linger here.
  • The Curse of Egypt – Find out if the curse of Anubis is real.
  • Bad Seed Pumpkin Farm – You don’t want to see what these bad seed produced.
  • Zulu Horror
  • Spiders Lair
  • Elizabeth Bathery
  • Werewolf Forest
  • Vampire Lair

More About Dead City Haunted House

Dead City Haunted House is located next to one of the oldest cemeteries in Utah.  They welcome any and all visitors from beyond the grave.

There is plenty of free parking with over 200 spaces in a well-lit area.

2020 is a unique year and the Dead City Haunted House is complying with all health and safety regulations.  With over 30,000 square feet, there is plenty of room for social distancing and that will be enforced.  The maze is now one way only.  All actors will be wearing face masks.  All guests and staff are required to wear masks.  If you forget, your mask, they will have masks available for purchase.  Sanitation stations will be positioned throughout the house.  All touch surfaces will be regularly disinfected.


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