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Located east of Capital Hill in the heart of downtown Denver, Cheesman Park features an extensive lush green space with trees sprawling across 80 acres. The park takes up 5 square blocks in a historic residential area in the Mile High City.

In 1858, Mount Prospect Cemetery opened on 160 acres. It was later sold to the city of Denver and became Denver City Cemetery.

By the 1880s, the cemetery had become run down and the city wanted to turn it into a park. The city needed to move the bodies to other cemeteries and hired undertaker E.P. McGovern. He came up with a plan to make a greater profit by dismembering bodies and splitting up body parts into different coffins.

Soon bones, body parts and discarded coffin pieces littered the cemetery. McGovern was fired. The city pulled out the remaining headstones and left approximately 3,000 bodies under what was to become Cheesman Park, the Denver Botanic Gardens and a residential area with large, lovely homes.

It should not be surprising that many believed the park and gardens are home to restless spirits who come out at night.

When the bodies began to be moved, strange things started happening in the cemetery. Those living in homes by the cemetery reported sad and confused looking spirits knocking at their doors and windows. Even today, people report hearing moaning and whispering coming from the park when no one is there.

Tour Itinerary

You’ll meet your guide at 8th Avenue and Franklin Street. Tour times are 7 pm and 9 pm. Your guide will lead you around the park. He will tell you all about the haunted history of the park and cemetery.

Hear haunting stories of paranormal activity in the park. Get a look at all that is seen – and unseen.

Paranormal investigations involve collection of evidence of paranormal activity by taking pictures and using equipment to detect the presence of spirits. EMF stands for electromagnetic fields and an EMF meter will detect that.

You’ll learn how to use the EMF meter and when to use it. And you’ll be in an actual haunted place with the equipment to capture evidence on paranormal activity. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, then this tour is perfect for you.

The tour will provide the equipment for the tour, but if you want to have your own EMF meter, there’s a good selection here at good prices.

If you have seen the movie, “The Changeling,” then you already know something about the hauntings. Writer and playwright, Russell Hunter, said he based many elements in the movie on experiences he had in his first months in Denver in 1968. He was living in a large house on East 13th Avenue on the northern edge of Cheesman Park and was experiencing paranormal activity in that house. “The Changeling” was set in Seattle but the house the movie is centered around is called “Cheesman House.”


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