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Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its history is long and is not always pleasant. Take the Haunted Lake Tahoe Boat Tour and hear about the lake’s dark past, paranormal activity and rumors about the lake that have been floating around for years.

At Tahoe Keys Marina, you’ll step aboard the Grateful Red boat, a luxury 27 foot power boat. It can hold 6 passengers and the captain. And you’ll set out on a mystical and spooky boat tour. Captain Bryan will take you to Lake Tahoe’s most famous haunts.

The captain will tell you some of the facts about the lake and the interesting history about some of the famous landmarks. Enjoy the beauty of the blue/green water, the beaches, the trees and the views of the mountains.

Valhalla Estate

Your first stop will be the Valhalla Estate at the Tallac History Center. You’ll see one of the original mansions built in 1920. This is where Lucky Baldwin built his famous Tallac Casino. Captain Bryan will tell you about the legends about the fire that destroyed it.

Emerald Bay State Park

And then you’ll go on to Emerald Bay State Park. If the spirits allow, you’ll disembark at Emerald Bay. Walk the grounds of the deserted mansion, Vikingsholm. The lights on the top floor of the house have been known to go on and off. Many have noticed the aroma of cinnamon toast as that was the favorite food of the lady of the manor.

Other Tour Highlights

Lake Tahoe is 22 miles by 11 miles. It’s one of the biggest Alpine lakes in the world. At its deepest point, it is 1,645 feet deep. To put that into perspective, you could drop the Empire State Building in the lake and you’d still have an extra 200 feet of water.

And maybe that’s why so many people believe there’s something down there. They just can’t agree on what.

There’s a Washoe tribe legend of a great beast that lives in Lake Tahoe. There were reports of sightings of a monster by 19th century settlers. The monster has been nicknamed “Tessie.” Locals say the monster appears in the summer in even numbered years.

A lot of people believe Lake Tahoe is an underground Mafia graveyard. The story that has gone around is that a local fisherman reeled in a well preserved human ear. Another version of the story has the fisherman pulling in a human hand.

Many people believe the 900 foot deep waters off South Shore was a dumping place for mob victims from the 1920s to the 1950s. The near freezing waters preserve these bodies from decay. Many fishermen call this area “The Graveyard.” And you may remember at the climax of Godfather II was a Lake Tahoe boat Mafia execution.

For the last 40+ years, the story has gone around that Jacques Cousteau took a mini sub to the bottom of the lake in the 1970s. When he surfaced, he said, “The world isn’t ready for what I saw down there.” And he never told anyone what he saw. This may or may not be a myth.

So keep your eyes peeled on this boat tour. There’s no telling what you might see.


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