Discount ticket for Jurassic Quest at Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, AZ

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Look out Tucson, Arizona! The dinosaurs are coming! Jurassic Quest is coming to the Pima County Fairgrounds on February 11, 12 and 13, 2022. See over 100 animatronic dinosaurs come to life. You’ll see the chicken sized Microraptor and the 15 foot tall and 35 foot foot long Allosaurus.

The dinosaurs are not statues. They can turn their heads and swing their tails. Some can even walk. The movements are caused by motors inside the dinosaurs.

Each dinosaur takes months to create. They all have animatronic metal frames. Layers of foam were placed over the frame. Leading paleontologists were consulted to make sure they were accurately portrayed in every detail, from teeth size to coloration and the texture of their skin. Some of the dinosaurs have scales, while others have fur or feathers.

You can join in The Quest, an interactive adventure. Pick up a Quest brochure when you enter and follow the Quest clues to the “Quest Spot” sign with the matching numbers. Once you finish all the activities, you can get a prize at the end.

Walk through the dinosaur experience at your own pace. You can walk through the periods – Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic – and learn about the dinosaurs in each period. You can see an authentic Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth, an authentic Triceratops horn and a life sized dinosaur skull.

Jurassic Quest Activities

Jurassic Quest activities children can enjoy include

  • Stationary Dinosaur Rides
  • Walking Dinosaur Rides
  • Fossil Dig
  • Dinosaur Scooters
  • Dinosaur Bounce Houses
  • Huge Dinosaur Slide
  • Bungee Pull
  • Dinosaur Obstacle Courses
  • Jurassic Jeeps
  • Science Station
  • Toddler Petting Zoo
  • Crafts Station
  • Coloring Station
  • Face Painting

Activities the whole family can enjoy include

  • Exhibit Tour
  • Baby Dinosaur Show
  • Walking Dinosaur Show
  • Dino Cinema
  • Excavation Station

Visit the Ancient Oceans Exhibition and see underwater Sea Dwellers, including enormous prehistoric Sea Turtles and the earliest discovered Dolphins. Come face to face with the largest apex predator ever – a life sized 50 foot long, moving Megalodon. Use the Green Screen Photography to make it look like your family is riding a Brontosaurus or getting chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. You’ll see Velociraptors, Troodon, Anzu, Dilophosaurus, Aquilops, Spinosaurus, Psittacosaurus and many more.


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