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The discovery of gold in 1848 drew a mass migration of gold seekers, miners and pioneers to Sacramento.  Following the miners were saloons, gambling, prostitutes and gunslingers.  During the gold rush, Sacramento had its Wild West beginnings.  And crime became a factor in city life.

In its early days, Sacramento suffered several terrible floods and fires.  The survivors rebuilt the city on top of the debris.  A cholera epidemic hit Sacramento and killed 1,000 people in just three weeks.  The dead were buried in mass graves in cemeteries across the city.

Walk the dark paths of Old Town Sacramento to some of the city’s most haunted destinations.  Sacramento’s past is not past – it’s still there.

The locations you will visit have been hand picked and well researched.  Your knowledgeable guide is an expert in local history and paranormal activity.

You’ll meet your guide at Waterfront Park where dark energy hangs over the Sacramento River.

The Delta King

The Delta King is a riverboat that has been transformed into a hotel/theater/restaurant and it remains permanently moored.  People believe there are three different spirits on the Delta King.  Glasses have been tipped over and a bouncing ball is heard when no one is there.  Camera batteries are drained extensively in just a few hours.

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Old Railroad Tunnel Entrance

You’ll see the Old Railroad Tunnel Entrance.  It was rediscovered through modern excavations.  The underground city was almost forgotten.  It remains a graveyard of bodies.  This was a high crime area during and after the gold rush.  It should come as no surprise that the tunnels are among the most haunted places in Sacramento.  Many people have heard crying and laughing and have seen apparitions roaming the tunnels.

Eagle Theater

Sacramento’s Eagle Theater was California’s first theater.  It made the “Ghost Adventures” TV show.  Many people believe a former director has refused to leave the theater.  Chairs and many other objects have been moved at night when no one is in the theater.  It is said the director still wants to run the theater.

River City Saloon

You’ll visit the historic River City Saloon and hear about its scary dark past and reports of paranormal activity.  Your guide will tell you about trapped railroad workers and the flood of 1861.


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