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The Inland Empire has a new Halloween haunt in Murrieta, California, that will challenge even the bravest thrill seeker. ScareScape is a monster filled walk through indoor attraction that will have you stepping into your wildest nightmare.

You’ll travel on a shuttle to the top of a hill and to say it’s all downhill from there really doesn’t begin to describe it.

Your first challenging maze is Eternal Ethos. The spirits of the past are waiting for you and you’ll find it difficult to leave their ghostly grasp. Journey beyond death into the ghostly realm of the supernatural. The echoes of the past linger and the trapped spirits are desperate. Quickly, you realize you have left your world for a world of terror. You’ll navigate the winding corridors going through an abandoned graveyard and murky swamps. Finally, you descend into the depths of the catacombs, trying to escape the grasp of the lost souls.

You’ve survived the catacombs and you know that something dreadful is behind the walls of Wayward Souls. And, indeed, there is. The wayward souls are trapped, eternally tormented between the land of the living and the land of the dead. These half dead souls will haunt you and immerse you in their endless misery. Can you be sure they won’t follow you home?

The final maze will be the ultimate test of courage – The Void. You’ll have to feel your way through total blackout. Are you brave enough to find out what lies in there with you?

If you survive the mazes, you can have some fun at Scarescape. DJs will be there and special guest performers will appear from time to time. Food trucks will be there with specialty food items. There will be bars for those 21+. Keep an eye out for roaming monsters. You can purchase some unique and sometimes spooky items at the Vendor Marketplace.


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