Coupon, promo code for Tunnel of Terror OC – Haunted Car Wash in Anaheim, California

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It’s back by popular demand. The Tunnel of Terror OC – Haunted Car Wash is coming to Big Wave Car Wash in Anaheim, California. This world class scary car wash experience can be enjoyed in the comfort of your car.

This haunted car wash is a carefully curated experience designed to frighten. Beware and be scared. There will be thrills and chills. Enter at your own risk….

Know before you enter there will be killer clowns in that tunnel and they’re waiting for you. If you’re not afraid of clowns, you may very well be by the end of the tunnel. Make sure your doors are locked before you enter the tunnel. If you leave them unlocked, you might have an unexpected fiend open your door and ride with you through the car wash. The choice is yours. Be prepared for a creepy ride.

As you pull your car into the car wash, scary monsters, killer clowns and ghouls will be waiting to “welcome” you. At some point, they may surround your car. You can expect to see scary props, chainsaws and strobe lights. Eerie lighting and fog set the mood and make it harder for you to see the hiding clowns waiting to scare you. You can tune your radio to an exclusive station that plays eerie music to heighten the mood.

And all the time, your car is being washed. The windshield can be covered with suds. Then a hand quickly wipes them away and you’re staring at the scariest face you’ve ever seen. There will be some unique surprises. Just know that none of them will be good.

Tunnel of Terror is great for families who want a great Halloween experience without breaking the bank. For Tunnel of Terror, you pay for the car, not for each individual person in the car. So pack your family in the car and save yourself some money.


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