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Uptown Jungle Fun Park has been described as a child’s dream come true. It is a huge indoor playground area with lots of fun activities for kids! It’s the perfect place to play on these really hot summer days. From slides and trampolines to obstacle courses, everything your child could want is there for them.

They can play on

  • Mini Zip – Your child can zipline across chasms
  • Ninja Course – Kids navigate their paths by jumping across platforms and more on this Ninja obstacle course.
  • Ball Blaster Arena – The arena has turrets around it. Kids can fire soft balls at their friends.
  • Trampolines – The kids can jump until they can jump no more. They can also play dodgeball on the trampolines which add an extra dimension to the game. Kids can dunk basketballs on one of the bouncy courts.
  • Super slides – Kids will have fun flying down those 10-foot-tall slides. Friends and siblings can race each other on the slides.
  • Spider Tower – This is a massive structure and kids can crawl up, down, and even sideways through this structure. Kids are kept aloft with bungee straps.
  • Magic Play Structure – This multi-level structure has more than 15 different activities for kids.
  • Climbing Walls – Kids love the wall and the challenge it presents. They can pretend they’re climbing a mountain or that they’re an explorer. They can also compete to see who can get to the top first.

As you can see, your child can spin, jump, flip, play and a whole lot more! Your children may leave there tired but with smiles on their faces.

Grip socks are required. You can use your own or they can be purchased at the Fun Park for $5.50.

There is a separate area for parents. Food and drink are available for purchase but cannot be taken into the play areas.


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Park Locations

Uptown Jungle Fun Parks are located in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.