Coupon, promo code, discount ticket for La Bulla Lucha festival at Plaza de la Raza in Los Angeles, California

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Lucha Libre has been a very popular form of professional wrestling ever since it first originated in Mexico.  Its great storytelling, colorful masks, and “high-flying” acrobatic tricks make it a lot of fun to watch.

And if you would like to experience this for yourself, then you should attend the upcoming La Bulla!  Antonio Pelayo Productions is presenting the ninth annual La Bulla.  This is a Lucha Libre Music & Arts Festival.  This year, it will be hosted by Fabian Alomar.

You’ll be getting to some great wrestling.  This includes EL CONJUNTO NUEVA OLA, PHYCHOSIS, and Lil Cholo’s House of Lucha.

Dj Sloe Poke, & DJ Sizzle Fantastic, and DJ OSKR will be there bringing great music to the event.  You can enjoy Cumbia and dancing.  Lizzy G & Player WON!! will be there giving live performances.

There are Mexican food and drinks available if you get hungry or thirsty.  There’s a bike show presented by Mezkla MC and a fashion show presented by Thrifs.

Art Show

And then there is a great art show curated by Eddie Donaldson.  Participating artists include:

  • Aaron Hernandez
  • Annie Mickle
  • Bleek
  • Alfredo Saldana
  • Alfie Numeric
  • Beth Bowen
  • Chato
  • Beatriz Ochoa
  • Carla Guerra
  • Cesar Martinez
  • David Palacios
  • Eduardo Guttierez
  • Ernan Landa
  • Cindy Hernandez
  • Esmeralda Ezz
  • Cosme Cordova
  • Daniel Boza
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Dante Marshal
  • Hope Garcia
  • David Arquette
  • Dave Navarro
  • Edmundo Duran
  • El Sid
  • Eloy Martinez
  • Erik Guzman
  • Frances Loquet
  • Giselle Ramirez
  • Guerin Swing
  • Jessica Simone
  • Jorge Gervacio
  • Johnny Ruthless
  • Leticia White
  • Manny Torres
  • Isaac Pelayo
  • Jacqueline Valenzuela
  • Jasmin Nicole Garcia
  • Jeremy Gonzales
  • Trisha Blaze
  • Jesse Palacios
  • Jennifer Korsen
  • Jim Evans TAZ
  • Joe Tate
  • Joey Moreno
  • Marco Mosqueda
  • Mathew Weinberg
  • Michael Kirst
  • Oscar Ramirez
  • Joey Perez
  • Julian Gonzalez
  • Lupe Casas
  • Love Crew
  • Marlene Calderon
  • Mando Espinoza
  • Matthew Ehrmann
  • Mario Alberto
  • Mark Sandoval
  • Menso
  • Rafa Ruiz
  • Paco Montes
  • Sam Flores
  • Stephanie Ortiz
  • Violeta Amaral
  • Misael Gaona Berrios
  • Nick Guzman
  • Oscar Magallanes
  • Pablo Damas
  • Pepe Vazquez
  • Plastic Jesus
  • Priscilla Martinez
  • Raul Antonio Rivas
  • Rob Guadarrama
  • Ryan Campbell
  • Saber
  • Shwalami
  • Spanky Loco
  • Tonantzin Reyes
  • Tommy Hollenstein
  • Vyal Reyes
  • Wizrock One
  • Yesenia Calvillo
  • Ruben Lopez
  • Zea


La Bulla Lucha Festival will take place at Plaza de la Raza on August 19, 2023, in Los Angeles, California.  It takes place at 7:00 PM.  And if you want to purchase a ticket to the event, keep reading to find out how to save money on this ticket!

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