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Escape rooms are a great way to spend time with friends and family.  You get to work together to find clues and solve brain teasers over sixty minutes.

And if you are looking for a great escape room experience in Phoenix, Arizona, then look no further than North Valley Escape Room.  North Valley Escape Room has wonderful, unique escape rooms.

If you figure out a way out of the room in sixty minutes, you can win your way to victory.  But run out of time and you could find your place in the hall of shame.

All escape room experiences are private at North Valley Escape Room.  They are best with groups of about four to ten people.

Escape Rooms

North Valley Escape Room has a lot of creative different escape rooms.

The Legend of the 7th Stone

In ancient Egypt, there is a tale of a powerful pharaoh named Karbaza.  It was said Karbaza spent his life searching for seven mysterious stones in his quest to construct a device that had the power to change the world.

Unfortunately, he never completed the device.  And over time, everyone forgot the legend of Karbaza and his seven stones.

Everyone except a man named Dr. Cornelius Carter.  He believes that he’s uncovered new findings about Karbaza and the stones.

The only thing is, now Dr. Carter has gone missing inside of a pyramid in Abydos, Egypt.  And that’s where it was believed he’d find the answers he was looking for.

And that’s not all.  This pyramid is dangerous.  It has low oxygen and is equipped with an array of traps.  There’s no guarantee Dr. Carter is even still alive.

But you can bring your brave team of researchers to this pyramid.  You can try to find Dr. Carter, complete his mission, and uncover the secrets of Abydos.

This experience has a maximum of eight participants.

The Dark Sector

You and your group have been assigned to a top secret government facility on the moon.  Dangerous experiments are being tested there.

But what has started off as a normal day there has gone very bad.  A hostile genetic experiment from the Dark Sector has escaped.

Lock down of the facility needs to be completed in one hour.  Facility lock down on the moon, however, means complete annihilation.

So you and your team must complete a top-secret project to escape before you are blown up.  Or eaten alive!

This escape room has a maximum of eight participants.

The Great Outdoors

The storyline of this escape room is that you have taken a camping trip at Fall Mountain Campground.  But just your luck, tragedy has struck.  Can you escape?

Please note this experience has a maximum of eight guests.


You are an up-and-coming FBI agent.  And now you are deeply involved in the legendary case of D.B. Cooper case.  And you’re getting close to finding D.B. Cooper’s real identity as well as finding out what happened to the missing loot.  Solving this case would not only be exciting, but it would also immensely help your career.  But unfortunately, another team of agents are hot on your trail.  So it’s up to you to solve the case first!

The unique thing about Sabotage is that it is designed for competition.  All groups of six or more are divided up to compete against each other in two identical escape rooms.  But you can also enjoy a non-competitive version if you group has five or less people.

The escape room has a maximum of ten participants.

Big Top Circus

Bad news.  Frederick the Great’s wand is missing.  And the show cannot go on without the magic show.  So you and your group need to help Ziggy the Clown and his friends from the Freak Show find this magic wand.

Please note that crawling and tight areas will be required by at least one person in your group.

It requires at least four people and has a maximum of eight people.

The Genie’s Lamp

Oh, no!  You and your friends have somehow become trapped inside Genie’s Lamp.  Now you have to work together through her magic to escape.  And if you don’t escape in time, you could be trapped in the lamp for thousands of years!

This experience has a maximum of eight participants.


You and your group have found a wonderful deal on a rental vacation home deep in the mountains.  Which should be great news.  Except once you arrive, something doesn’t seem right…

Please note that this experience horror-themed room and there may be a few jump scares.  But is also fun humor in the game, and it is open to all ages, including kids and teens.

This experience has a maximum of eight participants.

Arizona Steampunk Railway

Take a quick ride back in time to the last 1800s on the Arizona Steampunk Railway.  Enjoy scenic views of rural Arizona as you ride and relax…well maybe relax won’t be the right word.

Please note that this escape room has motion involved in the experience.  So if you experience motion sickness, let the conductor know at the beginning of your experience and they’ll pass that along to the Engineer so they can keep motion as minimal as possible.

Additionally, this experience has a maximum of eight participants.

Escape from Alcatraz

You’ve been taken to The Rock to serve your time for your crime.  But you don’t want to stay.  You’ll want to, well, escape from Alcatraz.

Please note this experience is actually 75 minutes.  It also has a four-person minimum and a ten-person maximum.

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