Discount ticket to the 13th Floor Haunted House in Denver, Colorado

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13th Floor Haunted House Denver has been featured on A&E, ABC News, Discovery Channel, USA Today and The Huffington Post.  Designed by nationally recognized haunted house designers, it will transport you to a new level of terror with three walk through attractions and a maze.  

The Other Side – could that be where people who go missing without a trace go?  Do they vanish to the Other Side?

Tales Of The Unknown explores the possibility of a creature who is half man and half rat.  There is surveillance footage of a large creature scurrying around the lab. Could he be looking for a cure?  Or his next meal?  

Every 13 years, Clown returns to our world to gain strength by feasting on the fears of children.  This is the year. Will he swallow your fear drenched soul or can you evade his evil grip?

Sensory Overload has guests enter a maze in complete darkness.  You’ll have to use your hands to guide your way, walk, duck, step over and squeeze through strange spaces.

MiniEscape Games are an interactive and immersive experience as you race the clock.  Guest 21+ can enjoy spooky libations before or after the haunted house at Shriekeasy Bar.  Learn how to throw an axe in Class Axe.

Book this through Goldstar and you can save $12 on the price of admission.