Coupon, promo code for The Lights in Colorado Springs

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I really love lantern festivals.  I love seeing the night sky brightened by a sea of beautiful lanterns.  And I also love what these lanterns represent.

So I am really excited about the upcoming Colorado Springs festival called The Lights.  It takes place at Ram Off Road Park on Saturday, September 23, 2023, at 4:30 PM.

And while the most memorable part of the festival may be when the lanterns light up the sky, you’ll want to get there a few hours before sunrise.  That is because that is when you can decorate your own lantern!

Your ticket includes a lantern and a marker.  And decorating your own lantern is a really neat opportunity.  You can put an inspirational message on it.  It is a great place to put your own hopes and dreams.

But it is also a way for you to come to peace with your past.  You can write down something you want to let go of, or you can honor a loved one who has already passed.

So the lanterns are the main focus of The Lights Festival.  But it’s not just lanterns.  There are local food trucks there so you can enjoy a nice meal or a snack along with a drink.  Local artists will be there providing music.  There are also games, play areas, and dance parties.

So the entire night should be family-friendly and just really great.  Especially when you hear about a great coupon that’s available!

Promo Code

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